By Daniel John Sobieski



Anyone for Chinese disinformation? While the deep and its llies among the legacy media and socialist Democrats continue to talk about “Russia, Russia, Russia,” partially in light of the recent and ongoing cybe attack on U.S. institutions, the fact remains that our greatest threat is from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)  and its ongoing penetration of U.S. institutions from business to higher education to national defense to, yes, our elections.

The Chinese knew what they were doing when Vice President Joe Biden brought son Hunter Biden with him on Ait Force Two for a state visit and awarded Hunter with the high-commission management of a  $1.5billion hedge fund investment. This would not be the only Chinese pay-for play transaction with the Biden family or the only U.S politician they would seek to corrupt and/or exploit.

It was also no accident that the Chinese would recruit as a useful idiot one Eric Swalwell, an up-and-coming California politician who, with the help of a Chicom “honeypot” would become a U.S. congressman sitting on the vital House Intelligence Committee. As the Washington Times reported:

Suspected Chinese spy Christine Fang, aka Fang Fang, raised funds for Mr. Swalwell’s 2014 reelection and helped place an intern in his office, according to Axios. As a House Intelligence Committee member, Mr. Swalwell’s proximity to the alleged spy raised eyebrows across Washington.

Ms. Fang, who apparently knows how to take care of Congressional members, also managed while sleeping with Swalwell to place an intern in the office of a congressman who had access to classified document and information few in Congress gets to see,


Another Democrat in bed with China is California Sen. Diane Feinstein, who had a Chinese spy in her office and in her car for decades. No one seems curious about the remarkable financial success Feinstein and her third husband, Richard Blum, had in dealings with China with a Chinese spy on her payroll who arrived on the scene in1993, one year after Feinstein was elected to the Senate. As the Los Angeles Times has reported:

On Capitol Hill, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) has emerged as one of the staunchest proponents of closer U.S. relations with China, fighting for permanent most-favored-nation trading status for Beijing.

At the same time, far from the spotlight, Feinstein’s husband, Richard C. Blum, has expanded his private business interests in China–to the point that his firm is now a prominent investor inside the communist nation….

In 1992, when Feinstein entered the Senate, Blum’s interests in China amounted to one project worth less than $500,000, according to her financial disclosure reports. But since then, his financial activities in the country have increased.

In the last year, a Blum investment firm paid $23 million for a stake in a Chinese government-owned steel enterprise and acquired sizable interests in the leading producers of soybean milk and candy in China. Blum’s firm, Newbridge Capital Ltd., received an important boost from a $10-million investment by the International Finance Corp., an arm of the World Bank. Experts said that IFC backing typically confers legitimacy and can help attract other investors.

No conflict of interest here. “Here’s a more recent connection between Sen Feinstein and China the press has ignored. ZTE, the heavily sanctioned Chinese telecom company that paid a $1billion fine to the US, hired its first in-house lobbyist in ’11 — none other than a former Feinstein aide,” noted Benjamin Weingarten, a contributor for The Federalist, in a tweet. As the Washington Post reported in 2012, Feinstein has a connection to the notorious Chinese communications firm ZTE:

ZTE, which is also based in Shenzhen, spent $80,000 on U.S. lobbying in the first six months of this year, down from $100,000 for the same period a year earlier, Senate records show. In October 2011, the company registered its first in-house lobbyist, Peter Ruffo, a former aide to Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.).

The Chinese are patient and clever and play no favorites which is leads us to the curious connection between the Chinese Communist Party, Dominion Voting Systems and RINO Gov. Brian Kemp in Georgia where two critical Senate runoffs are to be held on Jan. 5. Should both Democrats win, friend-of-China Joe Biden will run the table and return us to the days before President Trump and punitive tariffs when China was allowed to gut U.S. industry with unfair trade practices as it stole at least $500 billion in intellectual property each year.


According to USA Today — Dominion lobbyists have also included Republicans, namely Jared Thomas, a former campaign manager and elections staffer for Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp when he served as secretary of state, overseeing elections, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.  Mr. Thomas helped secure a #107 million Georgia contract with Dominion for a new voting system Georgia did not need. Thomas was hired out of Kemp’s office, according to investigative journalist Paul Sperry, by Dominion salesman Barry Herron. Interestingly, the Dominion contract was signed just two weeks after he met with the Houston-based Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in Atlanta. Houston is where the Trump administration ordered the consulate closed because it was a hotbed of Chinese spying. As the Tennessee Star reported:

Kemp met with Li Qiangmin, Houston Consul General of the People’s Republic of China, on July 12, 2019.

The Secretary of State’s office announced on July 29, 2019 that Dominion’s election services were procured to implement a “verified paper ballot system” in the state prior to the March 2020 presidential primaries….

According to reports, the voting software company has multiple links to China, including a $400 million filing in the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) one month before the election that links Dominion, UBS Securities LLC, and China….

Also concerning to many, is Dominion’s use of components made in China.

During congressional testimony in January, John Poulos, the President and CEO of Dominion, admitted that parts for their voting machines are manufactured in China.

“We do have components in our products that come from China. Our tabulated products have always been manufactured in the United States,” Poulos said. The Chinese components, he said, included “LCD components, the actual glass screen on the interface down to the chip component level.”

Additionally, there are new reports that a company owned by a Chinese firm manufactures modems that are used by Dominion in their voting machines….

In July of 2019, Li Qiangmin, Consul General of the People’s Republic of China, met with Kemp in Atlanta to discuss trade and tourism issues, according to U.S. China News.

On behalf of the state government, Governor Brian Kemp thanked Consul General Li Qiangmin for his contribution to the development of Trade and Tourism between China and Georgia over the past five years. Consul General Li stressed the importance of the development of friendly relations between China and the United States and welcomed Governor Brian Kemp’s early visit to China.

After the meeting, Gov. Brian Kemp personally presented “Inspired Georgia” to Consul General Li Qiangmin on the title page of the book. Consul General Li also returned fine Chinese crafts to the governor.

Also attending the meeting were the Executive Director of China Affairs of the Georgia Economic Development Agency, China Chief Representative (Global Business) Xu Siwei and Jassy, China Manager of the Jozhou Tourism Bureau, and Liu Bo and Ge Mingdong, Head of the Chinese Consulate General in Houston”.

Former CEO Patrick Byrne confirms China’s interest and meddling in the 2020 U.S. elections. As reported by Epoch Times:

Election fraud is the secret “assassin’s mace” of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that has long confounded security hawks, according to tech billionaire and entrepreneur Patrick Byrne, who back in August assembled a cyber intelligence team to analyze the U.S. voting system.

“For 10 years or more, there have been references to a coming ‘assassin’s mace’ in the Chinese literature—where they take out the United States with one stroke,” Byrne told The Epoch Times’ “American Thought Leaders” program. “The national security community in the United States has been trying to figure this out: Is it their new aircraft carrier? Is that the hypersonic missile? Is it this, that, is it an EMP?”

“I don’t think so, ” he told host Jan Jekielek. “The one stroke that takes the United States out is what we’re experiencing right now.”…

Byrne has been a driving force in the research for lawsuits filed by attorneys Lin Wood and Sidney Powell. He has also been working together with ASOG, the company that recently carried out the forensic audit on voting machines in Antrim County, Michigan….

Byrne says that the manipulation of the voting systems can be traced back to China.

“There’s a chain of command basically from China through Iran to Cuba and Venezuela,” he said. “The Chinese are funding Smartmatic through the Panamanian division of Smartmatic, but it bounces through Venezuela.”


“There is code buried within the Dominion machines that has been turned up that seems to show Chinese provenance.”

“There are Chinese developers under the hood of this stuff back in China who are actually getting their software into the Smartmatic systems which have infiltrated at least two of the main voting systems used domestically.”…

(While Smartmatic and Dominion deny any linkage between the two) Byrne, however, says that software created by Smartmatic went through a series of corporate mergers, acquisitions, divestments, and licensing agreements before ending up in at least two of the main commercial voting systems being used in the United States, including Dominion. “Its genetic lineage [goes] back to the software,” he says.

Tucker Carlson of rhe now fake news Fox News has attacked the findings of Byrne and Powell, even basically calling Powell a liar. But the dots are easy connect and they lead to Btian Kemp. Tucker motes that Powell has been all over conservative media presenting her case, for example, on Lou Dobbs Tonight and with Rush Limbaugh, but apparently Carlson has not been paying attention to any of it. So for his edification, here are a few more choice examples:

Speaking on Lou Dobbs last night, Sidney Powell began explaining just part of the evidence she has of massive,  widespread election fraud that occurred to steal the race from President Trump.

Earlier in the day, Powell spoke on the Rush Limbaugh show, outing the process of stopping the counts, and the fact that Brian Kemp (Georgia Governor) collected kickbacks from the Dominion company.widespread election fraud that occurred to steal the race from President Trump….

“I’ve got a firsthand witness. In fact I’ve just emailed you an affidavit from a witness who can now be used publicly. It’s redacted in some places but he was present for the creation of the system for this specific purpose of falsifying election results for Hugo Chavez and then Maduro. They exported this all over Latin America. It’s the Smartmatic and Dominion systems that were built to do this very thing, for changing the results of elections… And he realized when things were happening the way they were here, particularly with the states the suddenly went down, they stopped counting the votes. It was because the need was so great to [beat] President Trump that they had to go in and do a separate reset on the machines to have them come out for Biden.”

Sidney Powell has presented clear evidence that this has been done before here and overseas using computer and software manipulation tools loosely referred to as “Hammer And Scorecard” developed and used by our intelligence agencies including the CIA under the Obama administration:

Sidney Powell is not some clickbaiting queen… she announced that there is evidence that the CIA tools were used to alter election counts on software systems in the swing states.

Last week, CDP posted a story about how democrats were conspiring with rouge agents in the Central Intelligence Agency in order to utilize a tool called SCORECARD, which has the power to alter voting machine numbers.

And now, Sidney Powell (attorney for Michael Flynn and part of the president’s legal team) has announced that they have evidence that this tool was used, in conjunction with THE HAMMER to rig the election for Joe Biden…..

In February 2009, the Obama administration commandeered a powerful supercomputer system known as THE HAMMER. THE HAMMER includes an exploit application known as SCORECARD that is capable of hacking into elections and stealing the vote, according to CIA contractor-turned-whistleblower Dennis Montgomery, who designed and built THE HAMMER.

THE WHISTLEBLOWER TAPES, confidential audio recordings released by U.S. District Judge G. Murray Snow’s courtroom in November 2015, revealed that SCORECARD was deployed by the Obama team against Florida election computers to steal the 2012 presidential election on behalf of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden….

The Democrats tested their technology during the Democrat party primaries. Otherwise Bernie Sanders would have won the 2020 nomination. SCORECARD was utilized on behalf of Joe Biden during the 2020 primary against Bernie Sanders. The Democrat primary was stolen from Bernie Sanders.

CIA whistleblower Dennis Montgomery turned over a massive cache of illegally harvested surveillance and election  data in August 2015 and December 2015 to the FBI and CIA under two immunity agreements that were granted to Montgomery by Assistant U.S. Attorney Deborah Curtis and FBI General Counsel James Baker.

If Tucker Carlson wants evidence of anti-Trump foreign actors being able to meddle in our elections, he should get in touch with Secretary of State Ruth R. Hughes of Texas re read her report, “REPORT OF REVIEW OF DOMINION VOTING SYSTEMS”, detailing why Texas rejected the use of their voting machines and software:

The nation’s three largest voting machine manufacturing vendors — Election Systems & Software (ES&S), Dominion Voting Systems, and Hart InterCivic — have all publicly acknowledged that they place modems in some of their vote tabulators and scanners.

While the vendors claim that their “firewalls” protect computers from outside interference, many of the nation’s leading technical experts say this claim is bogus

“Once a hacker starts talking to a voting machine through the modem,” says Princeton University Computer Science professor Andrew Appel, “they can hack the software and make it cheat in future elections.” It’s as straightforward as that.

So, what can we do?

“We should be unplugging all of these machines from the internet,” says Kevin Skoglund, the computer scientist who led the 10-expert investigatory team. This means keeping elections technologies disconnected all the time, including on election night.

“We cannot make our computers perfectly secure,” says Andrew Appel. “What we should do is remove all of the unnecessary, hackable pathways, such as modems. We should not connect our voting machines directly to the computer networks. That is just inviting trouble.”

States like Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia and Wisconsin invited such trouble and got it. Software developed in Venezuela under the auspices of Maduro and votes stored on foreign servers connected via the Internet is an invitation to foreign hackers with malign interests.

An investigation into the connection of Dominion Voting Systems with Georgia politicians, ironically Republican ones,  as the Democrats are preparing to march through Georgia on January 5 and steal two Senate seats from the GOP, enabling them to destroy our democracy and end our constitutional liberties is being conducted by the  good folks at American Oversight:

In July 2019, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced that the state had awarded a $107 million contract to manufacturer Dominion Voting Systems to replace existing voting machines with a new “verified paper ballot system.” As reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, both Dominion and the state’s former elections company, Election Systems & Software, had connections with Gov. Brian Kemp’s administration. Dominion lobbyist Jared Thomas had been a longtime political and campaign aide to Kemp, who previously served as secretary of state, and another lobbyist, Barry Herron, had worked for Diebold Election Systems, which had originally sold Georgia its electronic voting machines.

Georgia voters had complained about malfunctioning voting machines after the November 2018 midterm elections, even filing a lawsuit aimed at overhauling the state’s election system, including the electronic machines. But critics worry that the new electronic ballot-printing devices from Dominion won’t be much better, contending that hand-marked paper ballots remain the most secure voting method. In fact, the new devices were given a test run in six Georgia counties during the November 2019 election and ran into a number of issues. And records we’ve already obtained showed that voter check-in devices used “1234” as their default password — an “exceptionally weak security measure.” (State officials have said the passwords have been changed.)

Elsewhere in the state, voters reported long lines and ballot issues, and concerns remain about the hidden costs of the new voting system, the state’s planned purge of 300,000 names from its voter rolls, and security weaknesses in voting equipment. With the 2020 elections looming and the security of U.S. voting systems less than certain, American Oversight is investigating state officials’ communications with Dominion Voting Systems and its subcontractor KnowInk and is requesting records that could shed light on how the state is working to ensure secure and accurate elections.

The Chinese had every interest in helping to steal the election for Joe Biden and helping globalist China lovers like Briam Kemp. Follow the money – and the Chinese.


         Daniel John Sobieski is a former editorial writer for Investor’s Business Daily and free lance writer whose pieces have appeared in Human Events, Reason Magazine, and the Chicago Sun-Times among other publications.           

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