• Most of them need to go to a gallows to be hanged for TREASON!!!!!!!!!!


  • Yes!!  When are we going to see these Rats loose a job and go shopping  for  a  good lawyer to try to keep their Sorry Butts out of jail, and away from  a new boyfriend  name of Bubba. 

  • It keeps getting stickier eve4y day.......yet no one is charged, no one is fired (but the good guys), there's no punishment, accountability.

    • the gop establishment won't allow their fellow TRAITORS in the devildemocommiecrat party to go to prison!!!!!  mcconnell, mccarthy, and 95% of the gop need to dangle from the gallows beside their devildemocommiecrat allies!!!!!!!!!!


    • Bob... McConnell appears to have been hanging on the gallows for some time... we may need to place his carcass in front of a firing squad to ventilate his body before it gets any worse.

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