• Gaetz: too bad; just another swamp creature, part and parcel of the GoneOldParty!. ...too bad, some did have hope!

  • Hey Gaetz, that's the problem. The headache we now have that stole the election is a traitor and needs the proper punishment; I'll supply the rope!

  • HAHAHHAHAH, Like only 7 years of TREASONOUS COUP PLOTTING BY democrats, MSM, and BIg Tech!!!

  • Gaetz is wrong... Biden et-al need to be prosecuted and incarcerated!

    • And SOME truly need to be executed - - - for the treason they have comitted.

    • Totally agree - Remember Firing Squads are Cheap, Effective & Climate Friendly!  

    • Rope works. Tree is free. Sat. 9am once a month. Works.

    • Cool...  I'll BBQ Chicken... sides anyone?  

    • I agree with you, until they see that there is punishment for their action, this mess cannot be cleaned up!

    • Agreed

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