Crap is Crap… whether it is labeled art or the inner workings of society… Garbage begets garbage and we are neck deep in some of the most vile of human excrement…

With no moral absolutes… no rules that cannot be violated, without bringing down the House, mankind’s social order is set adrift in the mind of the immoral.  Society then turns to feed upon the bassists of human experience… loosing the dark side of mankind’s nature.

Man’s appetite for self-delusion takes over… where God’s law and limits on man's behavior are abandoned. A society without boundaries is a nation without borders…  Chaos rules where the arbitrary law of the lost fills the chambers of justice, and the broad highways of the reprobate mind guide a people.

Know that such a nation and people are lost… with little hope of self-correction, the reprobate stumbles over the basics of honorable societies. They live in the dark, the blind leading the blind… soon to find their nation in a ditch with no one to lead them out of their misery.

The only hope for such a people is God’s mercy and Grace… as there is no hope in corrupt leadership and those who have abandoned Godly morality, honor, and duty to others.  Let us pray and fast… calling upon the Lord and His Holy Spirit to purge out the lump… in our society… too, once more kindle the flames of faith that gave light to a world in darkness.

Let the nation’s leaders call on the people for repentance and renewal… for a prostrate people before their Maker… crying out in one accord for forgiveness and a new world order… where God and His Word are written upon the fleshly tablets of mankind's mind… a return to the beginning, to the Garden before the fall… where we can walk with God in the beauty of His Holiness… one mind, one Lord and Judge of the Earth and all therein.


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  •  A people called by God's Name should not be pandering to the worst sort of human experience... We are a nation of backslidden people slipping and failing for every evil work... Like our President, our citizens climb the stairs of life only to awake to find themselves sitting on their arse in a pile of excrement... without a clue as to why.  America must repent, to turn from its wicked ways, while calling on God for His mercy and grace.  Only then, will we be GREAT AGAIN.

  • It is quite symbolic isn't it? No boundaries of behaviour, of beliefs, of morality? Nor even of law. No justice. No borders. Quite appropriate. Only God can do what we cannot. 

    • Exactly!

      There is a way that seemeth right unto man but the ends thereof are death...

      The fool thinks he is secure in his own way... as he wonders about in the dark, with no light for his feet .... no lamp for his path.  He is soon lost but refuses to admit it. 

      So is the carnal mind of the reprobate... mankind without God to lead them is doomed to stumble and fall... too, live in darkness, suffering the pain of his folly. 

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