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    • Hahahahahahahahaha, imagine! 

    • Maybe we could even do that once a month with writing on it( PROTEST!)   But then biteme would declare that a terrorist attack on th e US Goverment.

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    • You need somen one who understands organizing corporations... I can see right away that has not happened... this new organization doesn;t qualify for a 501(C) 3 corporation.

      The Basic 501c3 Requirements

      The IRS requires that nonprofit organizations must meet specific requirements before earning 501c3 status. Some of the basic essentials include:

      • Avoid any purpose that praises or calls for discrimination;

      • Must have obtained an official status as an association, corporation, or trust;

      • Provide a reason for their desire to seek tax exemption;

      • Three-years of existence before applying;

      • Earnings and funds raised by the outlet can’t benefit a sole member;

      • Profits must be used for charitable activities;

      • Political involvement should be avoided;

      • Sole purpose is to meet public needs.

      These areas are covered on the required application form (Form 1023), and it’s important that the organization completes all sections to avoid status delays. The IRS also requires financial records to apply for 501c3 status to ensure that the charity’s funds have been used appropriately and follow the requirements outlined above.  There are businesses that specialize in setting up 501c3 corporations.  It would be highly advisable to see if they can obtain their help... IF THEY EVEN QUALIFY.  Most likely thei4 political focus may keep them from being approved as a 501c3... that is why they need help... to ensure they don't engage in disqualifying acts or statements in their corporate documents and application.

      For more See: 501c3 Requirements: Everything You Need to Know (

    • Ron was the BLM a  501c3?

    • I don't know how the BLM organization was organized... However, several waivers to the requirements above would need to be granted to qualify... I suppose the IRS can waive its regulations... The point I wanted to make is that it takes a process and TIME for that process to be completed too obtain favorable tax exemption status for a non-profit. Some conservative and religious organizations have reported it took them years to get their IRS status approved.

    • More misrepresentation of a post by me... I provided you with a link to a 'professional businesses website' that processes 501c3 applications...

      The list of BASIC IRS requirements to apply for a 501c3 exemption status was taken from their Website. The list of basic requirements makes it impossible for your group to qualify under its present circumstances... The group does not meet SEVERAL of the Basic Requirements to qualify for the exemption.

      You have once more demonstrated your inability to engage in reasoned discourse... Did you even go to the link provided?  It is STUPID for individuals with no experience in management, to suddenly believe they are qualified to run a national organization that potentially could manage millions in donations from hard-earned working families.  This group of individuals needs to find qualified help and if possible a few retired patriots whose executive and leadership skills can be used to help them organize and manage their undertaking.

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    • Any patriot organization can expect to have FBI or other federal agents monitoring their meetings... and if the Government considers them to be a high-risk group they may infiltrate its leadership.

    • Don't hold meetings in the public forum that can disclose critical information that could be used by law enforcement to interfere with your lawful assembly... such as blocking exits to freeways or threatening to arrest everyone and anyone if a planned civil disobedience effort takes place.  Do a basic security check on all board members and key staff.  Know who you are dealing with.

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    • Was the Convoy ever that effective...  Their intent is to be applauded, but their effectiveness is questionable.  The lack of a well-grounded national organization, an effective system of public communications, and a firm plan to accomplish well-defined goals resulted in their inevitable collapse. 

      Stop blaming the Public... for leadership's inability to motivate and sustain public support.  Poor preparation and the ineffective use of the available communications to mobilize a majority of the independent truckers, or to motivate the public support needed to demand the attention of the MSM or the support of private and public institutions engaged in government reform.  I could go on but such critical critique will result in a blaze of blistering denials and finger-pointing.

      I would offer this advice to those looking to organize a national movement for reform... One should not initiate such an effort without carefully considering their ability to organize the strategic support needed, and the funding to sustain such an operation. The failure of the Convoy leadership to manage its public and internal communications, goals, and events schedule, negatively impacted its ability to mobilize public opinion and the numbers needed to succeed.  Frequent changes in their schedule and goals, together with the leadership's failure to carefully manage the official Convoy narrative, resulted in confusion and a lack of confidence in the leadership.  Ultimately, such failures led to the Convoy's loss of trucker and public support,

    • Reality in some minds is indeed stranger than fiction... 340K never showed up anywhere to my recollection... The Convoy goals and schedule frequently changed, depending on which leader held the microphone at the time.  As for live-stream video the 'Kitten Acadamy' has mountains of videos on live stream... proving what?  Kitties are cute.  It is good to know that the final iteration of their goals was condensed to... ending the Emergency Declaration.

      Your report regarding the possible fraud taking place...   is not minor and was as I suspected and warned of earlier. The sudden disappearnce of leadership with what appears as monies paid for convoy parking is enough to bring the entire event under the flag of misadventure and opportunism... Hardly patriot motives.  I would not be surprised if millions have not disappeared.  Who knows, and we may never know.

      This sort of ending to a national event does not speak well to follow on events... and that has been one of my concerns from the beginning .. that the group organizing this event was unprepared to pull it off.  The leadership was either overly confident or working with another agenda in mind.  The 10 million raised in the Canadian Truckers Convoy, in such a short time was almost sure to catch the eye of some, whose motives may be less than patriotic. 

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