We are warned both by our founding fathers and Scriptures… that governments are the tools of the righteous, SECURE in a people whose moral character is bound by a greater good than found in man alone… Our rights, yeah… Our very liberty is an inalienable gift from our creator (God).  If our only security from tyranny lies in the bosom of man… If our only guarantee of life and the pursuit of happiness is found in the restraints of human government, then we are doomed to be most miserable.  As, the hope of mankind is soon lost where men are left, solely to the devices of man.

History bears record of the ill will of man… brought upon his own kind. Beginning with Cain, who slew his brother Abel, mankind has coveted that which others have, including God’s own thrown… witness, Adam and Eve’s desire to be God. Today, unrighteous men are no different; left to their own devices they will take whatever they can… never being satisfied with what they have.

Let us, therefore, exalt the Church to engage the Body of Christ… once again, to take its proper place as the head of man; too, bring order within the community of mankind… too, establish justice and equity among nations, and the house of man.  Without God… there is no moral equity in the earth, nor justice and liberty… Only, the eternal rise and fall of despots and failed attempts to bring about social tranquility.

Our founding fathers knew God… they trusted in Him, to be a lamp unto their feet and a light unto their path.  The precepts of righteousness are established forever they don’t change with time.  Righteous Governments are the ministers of God on the earth for good. (Ro 12:1-4) We should not FEAR GOVERNMENT as long as those who are the ministers of government are Godly men.  It is therefore imperative in a just social order, that God be seated at the head of every man, and in every home… at the head of the Halls of Government.

The Church must become actively engaged… in the administration of social justice, in the ordination and blessing of moral LEADERSHIP.  It once crowned the kings of the earth… it must once more act to bless the leadership of a moral nation.  Beginning in the home and extending into the workplace… In commerce, in every aspect of our social interaction, God must reign, the Supreme Judge of the land.  Until the Church purges out the leaven of the world, our Judeo/Christian heritage will be powerless to restore the ‘DREAM’ and promise that was once America.

Our founding fathers fled from the oppressive rule and nature of tyrants… whose religiosity was only exceeded by their immoral and unjust governments.  Will America now accept the trappings of such immorality and unjust men, by putting on the yoke our forefathers abandoned?  We will see, as this Nation must now choose whom it will serve.

By: Ronald A. Nelson

COL, US Army (retired)


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  • Amen, Col. Moral leadership is only found under the binding authority of God Almighty, who rules in the affairs of men. Let us seek wisdom and find it. Let righteousness rule and both reign. It is only widom and morality that bridge the divide between man's government and God's government. Let the Unalienable rights of WE the People be restored through a new and true Justice system, accountable to the Almighty. Let men fear God and receive wisdom, revelation, knowledge and understanding, the fruits of the righteous, they are boundless to the generations. They graced the birth of this country. May they grace the rebirth of this country, for her destiny has yet to be fulfilled. Amen.

  • Yes, William Bradford, governor of the Pilgrim plantation most of the time between 1620-1657, was well educated at England, and in his travels to understand what you say is correct. Those people stood against the great evil of that day, and, and For The Creator of heaven and earth, and all Life.  We were greatly blessed for it. Now, we must decide, again, whether we will participate in returning to Him, in His Authority, so that mankind, will dwell with our Righteous Creator.

    At the time of Jeremiah 1-7 chapters, we find that the holy city leaders, rejected The Creator's Authority, around 587 B.C.  The Creator, dwelled with mankind, in the Holy of Holues within the Temple, but left at the time of Ezekiel.  The Temple was destroyed by Babylon of Nebuchadnezzar, and the people were either killed or taken into slavery. The land rested for 70 years in its jubilee rest, it had not received from mankind ruling over it. Some of the people then, returned after that time to the holy city. 

    At Jeremiah 30-31, we, at this time in the church history, of today, are asked to return to The Creator. Without a returning there can be no unity with The Creator. Without unity, there is no community with Him. As it says in scripture at Deuteronomy 6:4, The Creator is One:  One Spirit, One Unity, One Authority, in His Kingdom.  King David reminds us, at Psalms 133, when the bretheren of mankind are in unity with The Creator, there is Life forever More. Will we return to our Savior and His Most High Father's standard of Authority, so that mankind will Live in all areas of our life, according to His Word?   We will then have joy, from The Father of Peace, and They, Father and Son,  will live with us! The Word of Scriptures Promises us that future for those He loves in Unity!

    in The Name of The Creator, "YaHooVaH YaHosha HaMadhiach Alahim of Yasharal",



    • Is this, today, this upheaval all over the earth, the culmination of the historical rivalry between The two houses of The Creator's families, "Yasharal", and "YaHooDaH". One was always trying to separate from the one who loved organized rulership and administration from YaHushalem" (Jerusalem); the other wanted freedom, of life, liberty, and happiness? Unfortunately, neither wanted to call on The Creator's Name. It was a stumbling Stone, and rock of offense. See Psalms 118, Acts 4:11-12, Romans 9, Isaiah 8:14-15, Isaiah 28, Ephesians 2, I Peter, etc. The scriptures tell us, that our Savior, is that Stone, the cornerstone of Zion, but, a stumbling stone to both houses. Thus, to bring the two houses together, there needs to be one, who comes to, "YaHoshalem"(Jerusalem), to say, "Blessed is he/she, who comes in the Name of "YaHooVaH Alahim". He or she will not be popular, the scriptures tell us, at Matthew 23:37-39, with either house.

      So, bring this woman to Jerusalem, president Trump, unharmed, to settle this Law controversy between America land and people, and the Jewish people, And, Their heavenly Ruler over them, who they both have Covenant, in the past, so, there can be Peace forever more, in the settling of the matter. This woman says, Blessed is she who comes in the Name of “YaHooVaH Alahim”, and she wants to come to Jerusalem to say this statement of Law, for The Creator Requires it, for Peace and Life Forever More! Read Psalms 133.

      Please, let this woman speak, at The City of David, at or near Ma'lot Mei Hashio’ah right off Derekh Ha’Ophel Street, Siwan, where the City of David is honored, in a plaque, overlooking The Mount of Olives, most likely near the Beautiful Gate where our Savior, “YaHosha HaMeshiach” welcomes us as said at Jeremiah 23:4-6, etc. for He is “YaHooVaH our Righteous”. This woman has written to president Trump with this request, in the need for peace between the two houses, since Our Creator Requires it.

      It seems in the United States government administration by George Washington, and future presidents, executive orders by the president were given to his administration subjects. This matter did not apply to the free people on the land of America, separate from the United States government, there has been a great secret plan to get America land and people, subject to the administration of the United States government. This historical sinful rivalry, seems to be the way, HE, our Savior knew, that HE would need to come to the rescue, of His people of both "Yasharal and YaHooDaH", who, will call on His Father, "YaHooVaH Alahim", to be Their Most High, that they bow down and worship, and Bless in His Holy Name, forever.

      He rescues them from themselves, going their own way, both houses, historical, into going His Father's Way, and brings them back to being one people under The Creator, The Most High, whose Name, they are Blessed to call upon, and to worship, as Deuteronomy 6:4, “YaHooVaH Alahim”, is One.

      In The Name of The Creator, “YaHooVaH YaHosha HaMashiach Alahim of Yasharal”
      Virginia ulrich

  • Let the righteous be exalted and the fool... informed of his error.

    • Remember, at The Declaration of Independence, 1776, those men told us, who signed, told us our rights, that are even described at Isaiah 10, in scripture, come from The Creator! Liberty to be free of Tyrany, for living Life, forever more, and Happiness, of that assurance, and its blessings, come from a Righteous  Creator who is constant, not arbitrary, who changes not. The Creator is Good, to protect what is right, and equitable, in love, charitable to His people, of all races, generous in abundant blessings available to constantly help us, even before we ask. Do not turn that away! He sent His only Son to die to pay the price for our past sins, so we would have the right to choose Life, today, because They both love all mankind, and, want them to choose eternal life with Them. They can not live with sin. See what sin has done to life and this beautiful earth?

      So, please chose to Return to Them  in community!

      in the Name of The Creator, "YaHooVaH YaHosha HaMashiach Alahim of Yasharal"

      virginia ulrich

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    • Still waiting for my passport, and if social order breaks down then where will be the flights, so, a military peaceful solution would be nice. Yes, The Creator, will accomplish His plan, but, the woman is still to get herself where she needs to be, hopefully by angels  who are peaceful. The Creator is needed, to bring the two houses together; "Yasharal", and "YaHooDaH". The spirit is willing, but, the physical path has not been prepared yet, for this woman. This groaning is apparent to many on this earth. Each day brings more urgency.

      In The Name of The Creator, "YaHooVaH YaHosha HaMashiach Alahim of Yasharal",



    • Our Savior said, that a prophet must be killed at Jerusalem, so, perhaps that gets me there, no matter what! Luke 13:33.

      in The Name of The Creator, "YaHooVaH YaHosha HaMashiach Alahim of Yasharal",


    • A letter by Baruch Levy to Karl Marx in 1879, found in the book by Edward Hendrie, "Solving The Mystery of Babylon The Great", is available in paperback on Amazon.

      “The Jewish people as a whole will be its own messiah. It will attain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihililation of monarch,and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship. In the new world order the children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The government of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property, and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled in which it is said that the messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands.”

      This woman understands that there are still over 30,000 Karait Jews at the State of Israel. I understand, that they only study the Old Testament scriptures in Hebrew language. I also understand that Trump plans to be king of the world, from listening to the internet videos, presented. One might consider that information, in a world view.

      In the Name of The Creator, "YaHooVaH YaHosha HaMashiach Alahim of Yasharal",


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