• i guess if blm members could go back in time then they would kill barack obama's mama

  • The only white person that I have ever seen was an albino!   

    • michael jackson became so white he was almost invisible.  I am beige!!!!!!!!!!


  • I think it is time to start messing up black people.  They are to dumb that it causes them more good than what they are getting out of it.  We won't have to worry about it to long.  Biden is on his way to building the brown people with his no immigration policy so he will have enough to control the black people.  Somebody had better do something or the streets of the cities are going to run red.


  • I knew it all along!

  • Surprised! No, SHOCKED that Twitter hasn't deleted this video. Thanks for posting, Dee. Had it not appeared here on TPC I may have missed it. You see, I canceled my registration on Twitter. You might say I'm a TWITTER-QUITTER. 

  • BLM is a hate group and it's a racist gang that hates the color of a human being.

    • AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN!!!!!  blm is controlled by libtard white women who have gotten rich from this scam while instigating low information, low education, low intelligence blacks into rioting.  Intelligent blacks don't fall for the "it's whitey's fault kill all of them" crap being fed by the devildemocommiecrats, the Pravda.Goebbels fake news propagandists and the race baiters getting rich from their scam!!!!!!!!!!  Where did the $90 million donated to blm go because local leaders say they haven't seen any of it!!!!!!!!!!

    • Actually it's a half breed Hienz 57 COMMIE "n" word who's now under fire  for purchasing 4 houses with the blm proceeds.. One of the houses cost $1.4M and is in a white neighborhood in LA.. 

    • they won't buy houses where their minions can destroy them.  They want to live high on the hog like nutty nancy pelosi and mad maxine polluted waters, in huge houses surrounded by walls and gates, and guarded by armed guards paid for by We the People!!!!!!!!!!


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