• Although your statement is largely true... there are just way too many Blacks willing to ride the gravy train of reparations and affirmative action knowing they are racist policies at their root.  I find it reprehensible that more Black Leaders are not decrying such blatant systemic reverse discrimination... as if it did not exist or was justified. Let us remember at the peak of legalized slavery less than 3% of the White population in America owned a slave or approved of slavery.

      Slavery and all forms of racial discrimination are repugnant to the Christian... as are hatemongering and race-baiting.  The golden rule should be applied to all social engagements and the Christian must remember that we are commanded to prefer our brothers over our own interests... and if everyone followed those two simple precepts the social order in America would become a utopia of kindness and charity.  

    • Ron, there are quite a few blacks speaking out against the liberal narrative but they are ignored by the Pravda/Goebbels fake news propagandists because they don't follow the satanic agenda of the left.  I see them regularly on the One America News Network and on Life, Liberty, and Levin, the vTucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, and Jennine Pirro shows on fox.  The devildemocommiecrats and their propagandists hate them.  Candace Owens says the leftists call her a "racist" all the time and she is very black, much blaxcker than fuhrer obama can claim to be.

    • I have noticed that more blacks are racist than whites are.  Maybe that is because our governent keeps hiding it (or at least excusing it).  The governent policies encourage racis and have for years. 

      Maybe they should look at history - the black race never "built" anything.  They seem to be natural destroyers.


    • This administration WANTS a race war, It's called population control, Bill Gates already said it, If we want to do any damage to snakes like george soros and the like BOYCOTT,BOYCOTT,BOYCOTT,

    • Nazi war criminal george soros, bill gates, mark zuckerberg, mark cuban, jeff bezos, bill deblasio, and others have their money hidden from taxes in "foundations" and pay no taxes.  When devildemocommiecrats yap about "taxing the rich" it is the upper income business owners they are after so they don't get wealthy enough to oppose tyranny with financial help for those supporting liberty over tyranny!!!!!!!!!!


    • And let's not forget those SWISS BANK ACCOUNTS,those bums already have there bags packed there private jets fueled up and standing by to make a quick getaway,so when those big taxes come down the line who do you think is going to be left with the check, go ahead, take a wild guess.

  • Animals.

  • Time for WHITES to start fighting back. Enough is enough

    • Buy lots of prepaid legal insurance and don't be surprised when you are arrested for defending yourself against such riot and RACIST VIOLENCE... it is the BLACKMAN who is the ultimate RACIST... nearly every problem they have can be traced to their use of racism as a crutch to justify and support their lawlessness.  One can be poor and uneducated without resorting to criminal conduct as a core value for their communities.

    • No It's not the black race, It's the liberal media fanning the flames, all for one reason, ratings, money, I say TURN OFF THE T,V, GET AWAY FROM THE I PADS ETC, get to know your familys and friends again.

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