• Actually the whole Demonrat party needs it but I won't hold my breath until even Hellary is handled....and I'll add the RINOs too.

  • We all know what HILLARY CLINTON IS and what she has done, But we also know NOTHING will ever be done to her or those inside her circle of corruption. We also know that there exist inside our country a circle of corruption in our Judicial system, We have a system that ignores the corruption of those inside the protected circle and then we have a system that goes after those outside the circle and nothing is going to change  as long as the American people remain silent. Congress can spend years and millions of taxpayers dollars on investigations without prosecutions which is exactly what has been happening for years and nothing will change until thiose responsible for the deceit and corruption are held accountable.  Washington has been called the SWAMP NO ITS NOT A SWAMP ITS A CESSPOLL of corruption and deceit and its going to take more than TALKING POINTS to clean it up will it ever happen? DOUBTFUL WE HAVE CORRUPT INVESTIGATING CORRUPTION OR IGNORING CORRUPTION. ACCOUNTABILITY is a word in the DICTIONARY but remains undefined in WASHINGTON D.C.

  • Believe it when i see it!

  • "And Lock THEM ALL UP!!! Starting with HIllary all the way to Obama!!!" - This will only happen when President Donald J. Trump finally assumes total authority over the country, cleans up the mess, and makes America great again.

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