Help Curtail Absentee Ballot Election Fraud


Here is a way to help curtail Election Fraud. Please send this on to everyone you know and keep it going until election day!
Many people are going to get a ballot in the mail. 
Nationwide about 87% vote by mail. Keep the ballot sealed and put in in your pocket, when you go to the polls to vote, take it with you. 
If they say you have already voted say you haven't and ask for a provisional vote ballot. Don't show the poll workers the sealed ballot in case they are accessories. 
Vote with the provisional ballot and then call the sheriff and ask him to come to the polling place, and verify there has been an identity theft problem. Copy down the control number of the Provisional Ballot if it has one, for later use if necessary.
Show him the sealed ballot and have him get a statement from the election worker to verify you voted with a provisional ballot, and why you asked  asked for it. 
Ask the Sheriff to verify you did vote with a provisional ballot and give you a copy of his report. If he asks for the ballot get a receipt for it before you hand it over, and take a picture if possible of the handover that shows the sealed ballot. 
Officially notify the election officials and the sheriff you want an investigation into where the fradulent ballot was sent from. 
If we all do this, we can stop much of the expected voter fraud from happening, and possibly get the people responsible arrested and put on trial. 

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