• Good... better sooner but now is a good time to send a lasting message... no more lying, deception, dissimilating, or ignoring the party's planks and its base.  Shut the government down and let the GOP organize a nationwide labor boycott/strike... demanding immediate NEW ELECTIONS due to the obvious fraud that was passed off as the 2020 election.

    Pass whatever bill(s) or Constitutional Amendments that are needed... to support an immediate election, term limits, and a balanced budget... If not... shut down the government and economy until an Article 5 Convention is held and the States take the appropriate action to correct the Fraudulent election of 2020. 

    It is time to, DRAW A NEW LINE in the halls of the federal government... holding a crooked line is not productive.  Enough is enough.  We need a new line. 

    The Government belongs to the People, not an elite plutocracy of progressives, and Marxists... Let the people peacefully withhold their labor until the federal and state governments hold new elections... and convene an Article 5 Convention.  Time for a RESET only this reset will be driven by the PEOPLE..  not the WEF or its associated non-governmental organizations.

  • BEFORE ONE CAN HOLD THE LINE THEY MUST GET IN LINE...  Getting the GOP in line is like herding a bunch of cats... and once in line getting them to stay there is like keeping an addict away from his drugs.

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  • There is a much bigger problem within the GOP... if its members are expected to explain why conservatives don't want a CR. Why is the party's base required to explain the conservative's position on balanced budgets and reducing the size of the federal government?  It appears the PROGRESSIVE wing of the GOP is more SOCIALIST than progressive.... or conservative.

    First, the budget passed during the pandemic was huge and the CR would continue it ... much of it going to support the new Democrat Illegal Alien voting machine... 

    Next, CRs give wide latitude for the President/Administration to move monies around... limiting Congress's power of the purse and their ability to influence government policy.

    It is time for the GOP to explain why they should get our Vote... any vote? When did it become the electorate's responsibility to justify Congress's malfeasance or lack of fiscal responsibility?  The true patriot and conservative caucus no longer identify with the RNC/GOP... both major parties support BIG GOVERNMENT and socialism... by several names.

    Pragmatics are socialist in disguise...  They support the Great Reset as long as they retain their power... to 'H' with the middle class and their former constituent base... After all, they are progressive... not regressive... Yeah, a little fiscal regression may be what we need...

     A little regression would be nice... Secure borders, less spending, smaller government, more focus on domestic issues, and less on foreign intervention... for starters. 

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      You are right, we shouldn't even have to be doing this we are....


  • Most of us live according to the Hierarchy of Needs, water, shelter, food etc and keep our finances in order. 

    Our Constitution clearly enumerates the responsibility of the government and spending. We send $5 Trillion to the treasury and they are spending $7T+.

    Our interest payments to service the debt will be more than Entitlements and Military combined, Shut This TravaShaMockery of government DOWN until the Administrative State realizes that we are coming to reset our country back to the Founding Principles.

    There is and should be NO monies spent for obligations to other than American interests, and NO money spent on Illegal Invaders except to Expel them. Not back to their home country but outside the US, with the exception of a free ride to Ukraine.

    Well crap, now I'm on another list.

    • And not a dime to Ukraine.

    • Agreed... no money for foreign interest, illegal aliens, or wars... we don't have it.  Tell the Ukraine to settle their differences with Russia peacefully or be prepared to fund their war.

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