• Trump 2Q2Q+, Making America GOD's Again!

    The beast's time is short, she knows what is coming.

    • let's hope so.


  • she needs to be in jail.

  • The House and Senate races are on the same ballot as the Presidential election... if the count is challenged for the Presidential race many of the down-ticket contests may end up contested also.  In a worst-case scenario, we may end up with both Parties claiming victory in the Presidential race and each party claiming a controlling majority in both Houses of Congress...  with no satisfactory method to determine winners for the contested races. 

    Chaos could result if a majority of the races for government office end up contested and unresolvable...  I don't believe there is a satisfactory Constitutional solution to swiftly resolve that scenario.  The case for civil war may become more than just a threat if the Democrats and/or Republicans refuse to accept the results of the elections.  Such a scenario becomes more likely if we go into the elections with riots and massive insurrection in the streets... adding claims of voter intimidation and election fraud, to voter fraud, as hundreds of thousands of ballots are contested as illegible, late,  ineligible (for a host of reasons) or bogus... ballot-stuffing at polls, where riots overrun the polling authorities.  Making all the ballots at those polls invalid. 

    President Trump must put down the open insurrection and riots taking place NOW... well before election day, or risk a serious disruption of our elections. This pattern is how Marxist insurgencies destroy the electoral authority of Nations they are destabilizing.  This is what happens in THIRD WORLD ELECTIONS.  America can not afford to permit chaos in its streets.  If the State and Local Governments are incapable or refuse to stop such insurgents the President must.

  • Hillary just spilled the beans but.............I kind of figured that anyway.

    • Pres. Trump must bring peace to Main Street USA before Novembers elections... we cannot afford to have an election where the polls are subject to insurrection and the violence of the Left... Voters must not be intimidated, ballots forged and submitted in overrun polling places.  Our elections must not become the victim of the 'by any means necessary' Democrat Party.  Our polls must be secured against riot and overt attack, our ballot boxes must be secured from ballot stuffing... our elections must be well supervised, orderly and result in a true measure of the People's will and consent to be governed.

      If our streets are not secured from riot and insurrectionists... our elections are at risk of being overturned by fraud and mob force.  To avoid this our President needs to act today to secure our streets and to round up those who have violated our laws as they engaged riot and chaos... tearing down our monuments, setting fire to local businesses, assaulting local citizens in the pursuit of their day, killing police and others in the name of social justice and civil protest... neither of which are served by their style of political protest.

  • The NYT put out a mind game question as to what happens if Trump does not accept the out come of the electon? Hillary and the Nazi Democrats along with the Nazi news media have never accepted the results from 2016, and this hag is telling Biden not to concede "under any circumstances"?!?! Mail in voting is going to screw up the system for months, and if the date of January 21 comes around before there is a decision, then it goes to the house and the house chooses the next POTUS. The Republicans need to win the house and the senate. While we are all focused on the Presidential election, the Nazi Democrats will be rigging the house and the senate elections. The Nazi Democrats have it all figured out.

  • Hillary would vote for a shit eating dog if it had democrat on it's collar.

  • Hillary Clinton just took a stand that could be called insurrection or sedition... She is talking about rigging the election through INTIMIDATION... an army of attorneys and poll workers.  Where is the DOJ on this.

  • Why can't this old hag go away?  She looks awful, Why don't you get with Pelosi and get her cosmetic surgeon's name to get some work done!

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