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  • No we're not going to chip in.  Houston will receive a thorough revealing of all corrupt funds being hidden from citizens. 

  • All of those Californicators who moved to Texas because they have no State income tax are about to flee again, hope they stay out of AZ.

    Maybe they should have McMansions on wheels. 

  • Another leftist city!

  • Evidently none of the liberal crowd ever studied Economics 101; if they did, they flunked the course!

  • The R's have stopped nothing. One beast, half donkey, half elephant.

  • We tax you more, we tax you til' you're sore, then we tax you some more, we tax you til' there ain't no more. That kind of summarizes Dem monetary policy. Fiscal policy...give free stuff to those who pay no taxes, tax the living crap out of taxpayers. It's time to change voter elegibility laws to exclude people from voting who: A - are not citizens and B - have a net tax liability of zero or less. In other words, if you don't pay taxes, you forfeit the right to vote to those who have "skin in the game".

  • Bye Bye American Pie!

  • Let all lib meccas rot.

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