The days are coming when the sound of the LIBERTY BELL will be heard no more in our land... soon and sooner than most think the door to liberty will be nailed shut and the stairway to freedom closed... no more will our windows open to admit new life and the air of freedom will stagnate. 

Men everywhere will lament this Great Nation's demise wondering at how it could happen not understanding that the removal of God from our high places, town squares, and living rooms... from the hearts of our children brought this calamity upon us...  A Godless people are lost in a sea of distress; looking for the exit only to find it obstructed by their stubbornness and indolence.  When it was yet light the People ceased in their labor, sleeping while our enemies undermined our liberty.

There is but one America and when she is gone the world will suffer greatly from a lack of compassion for the poor and love for the suffering...   America leads the world in both public and private charity for those most in need. 

We are a giving people and have finally run the limit of our resources... being bled out by our leadership we are sadly watching the sunset on our nation.  When it is all gone the lament will be great as the world awakens to the cry of the hungry and the death of civility ... no more US Care Packages, no more Peace Corps or open doors to our centers of education and science... no more America.

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  • America must stand as one Nation, one people, indivisible. if it is to survive in today's political climate and cultural wars... Political parties must not be so disparate that they fracture the Republic...  The underlying precepts for governing the Nation must be held in agreement.  What exist today are major differences in the Nation's culture and the essential concepts for governing the Republic.  The divisions in our Republic are so far apart that the People can not find the common ground needed to build stable and peaceful communities...

    Not, since the Civil War has there been such a breach in civility and public decorum... The Nation stands at the door of civil war; while, our leaders and captains of industry think only of lining their pockets and building their personal empires.  Thinking they can control the Elephant in the Room, these fools will soon run our ship of state aground, in the midst of a tempest sea... tearing apart with little is left of our common interests.

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