• Focus on the Great Reset... The NGOs: the WEF, CFR, Bilderbergers, and their Globalists/Marxist partners.  There are two major factions ultimately working to replace the current world economic and governing systems with a 'New World Oder'... A One World Government and a command economy managed by a unified world banking system...

    Marxist ideology is at the root of the 'Great Reset'...  Watch the RUSSIAN/Chinese Gambit play out, as the WEF twists and turns to bring them on board.  Russia and China are currently not on board with the New  World Order. These hard-line communist nations are throwing a monkey wrench into the works. A major train wreck is about to occur. If the WEF and its allies expect to bring Russia and China on board they will have to give up more power than they are prepared to surrender.  Look for the clouds of  World War 3 to become prominent as the two major opposing forces (Marxism and Capitalism) lock horns in a dual for control of the world.   We are seeing the beginning of the 'Great Tribulation' but the End is not yet. 

    A series of wars and serious trouble nearly destroys the Earth .  This period in time will result in the rise of the Anti-Chrit and a false peace for 3 and 1/2yrs, at the end such tribulation, Jesus Christ returns to establish His millennial reign over the Earth for 1000 yrs. THEN... THE END SHALL COME... Armageddon and the Great White Throne Judgment shall take place.  The casting of the Devil and all those who refused Jesus Christ's salvation shall be cast into the Lake of Fire and the OLD WORLD  shall be replaced with a new and perfect heavens and Earth.  The former creation is consumed by a fervent heat, that melts the very elements of creation.  Then God shall write his laws upon the fleshly tablets of our hearts... God shall be our King and the Government shall be His... and we shall be His People.

  • Power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutey. That's where we are folks.

  • My problem, they don't get distracted! 

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