• It is time to fight back.  We need Trump.   


  • Screw them. They're a Fascist orginization now. Et tu Brute?............Well a Kum ba Fungu to you too!

  • since the nba [mavericks]  nhl [stars] and mlb [rangers ] teams in my market now can only viewed by buying either a certain tv subscription package or you have to pay for an app ; i no longer desire to watch them anyway

  • democrats oppose having to show id when voting yet require delegates at their convention to show id

  • this is the Devil world he is running the show.

  • That will kill baseball.  Will put a lot of folks out of work and the local economy will take a hit.  Biden you idiot.  

  • Got some real doozies running thins

  • I like it!  Hey don't discriminate against those who can't attend in person, make the TV audience provide the information or block their TV reception!  I don't need to attend a game that fact it's been years since I wasted my time.  I prefer to watch BB in person, but this just isn't worth my time to jump through all these hoops.  They not only want me to get vaccinated but I'm required to get vaccinated with the MBL's preferred company Johnson and Johnson, pass a test 72 hours before, pass another test again at six hours before, what a waste of time.  How much time does MLB think we have to waste running from test site to test site just to 'watch' one  of their games?  What does this do for season ticket holders?  Waste your money on a season ticket and spend the mortgage payment each month paying for all these tests.  These patzers need to get a life, but it won't be mine.  A classical rated chess game can take 3-5 hours.  I'm not watching MLB, I'm going to compete in national and international chess tournaments and use my time wisely.  Chess, it's not a sport, it's an addiction!

  • The mlb and the rest of the Anti AMERICAN sports teams that kneel and disrespect OUR FLAG, and OUR POLICE and all first responders, will never see my Patriotic ass at any gane nor will I watch on TV.  That includes the Olympics,  that will now allow athletes to disrespect the American National Anthem!

  • They will change that tune when people don't show up for the games,,,IDIOTS.

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