• As an American, I am never further away than my reach from my Firearms, wherever I may be, as is My Right.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • I WILL NOT EVER surrender my guns!!!!!!!!!!  They will have to kill me to get them and then will have to find all of them, most of which are well hidden, along with magazines and ammuntion!!!!!!!!!!

  • The "clickety-clack" of bolts drawn back, has an almost musical quality, doesn't it?

    Open season on NWO Technocrat Oligarchs and their useful idiots coming soon?

    You know their faces by now.

  • We the People have already put up with way too much sh** in this Country. I think You get my spelling there. They are just as good to tell us they

    want to depopulate us, and, that means kill us slowly, a soft kill or expedite it as fast as We are dumb enought to keep being subjected to their crap.

    These monsters, murderers are not even elected and We are supposed to heed their directives, don't think so Bubba.

  • That is disgusting to the Core. Time for Peoples everywhere to rise up and oppose these low life miscreants that mimic Nazism. See what happens when You relinquish Your Weapons.

    Hell breaks lose. I really don't believe the Lord God Almighty expects us to sit on our ass and do nothing. If not us, the Mature Grownups, dp it for the children. If We were this complacent in 1776

    The United States of America would be non existent.



  • Even so, somehow the Australian Citizens have turned into complete "Sheep!" With a population of 26 Million being herded by a combined Force of Military and Police if 150 Thousand that comes down to One Shepard to 173 Sheep! That works well with Sheep, but One "Armed Man" against 173 "Unarmed Men" ain't never gonna work! Remove the Police and its One against 305! Custer couldn't have done it if the Indians only had "Sticks and Stones!" Only cowards submit.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • I agree, 100 Percentile.


  • They are a bunch of disgusting nazis.

  • Historically, whenever any Government takes away the Citizens "Arms" it is never for the Protection of the Citizens. In order for this to succeed, Progressive Socialist Education Systems remove "History" from the Classrooms.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain



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