• Update on WHY did Nancy Pelosi go to Taiwan??

    Paul shorting Asia Markets before her trip to Taiwan and stocks in Asia plummeted overnight !

    With the national security issues raised by Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan –- especially considering the China-compromised President we’re currently enduring –- it was only natural to wonder why she planned this trip in the first place, though few seemed to be asking. Why escalate tensions in the region so dramatically, perhaps even give China a pretext for invading Taiwan? It just seems reckless. I didn’t want to speculate too much, but simply to ask the question and to note that it didn’t seem to make any sense, at least from a national security perspective. But others are starting to examine this as well.

    FOX News financial analyst Charlie Gasparino has apparently been wondering about it. As Jesse Watters reported last evening, Gasparino tweeted on Tuesday that “Of course with @SpeakerPelosi’s trip Wall Street trading desk chatter involves how [spouse] Paul Pelosi is gaming the markets to make a few bucks. Speculation he’s shorting the S&P. Just rumor but Paul’s penchant to trade colors everything she does now.”

    Sure enough, Anders Hagstrom at FOX Business News reports that “stocks in Asia plummeted overnight as it became clear that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would be visiting Taiwan on Tuesday.” markets/asia-stocks-tank- nancy-pelosi-touches-down- taiwan

    We can’t say that was the reason for her trip, or even the main reason, but the fact that we and others are raising the question about it is certainly enough reason for banning stock trading for legislators and their spouses.

    Pelosi was reportedly set to meet with TSMC, the largest semiconductor manufacturer in the world, which produces advanced semiconductors for companies such as Apple. Her husband Paul has reportedly been buying up shares of chip companies in advance of Nancy’s trip. Note: all could reap sizeable grants from Pelosi's generous $52 Billion in US taxpayer subsidies in the America COMPETES Act and the CHIPS Act, passed the Senate on July 26. Insider Trading??? Nothin to see here folks. Move along... Move along!

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  • They will covid him to death. No impeachment he'll be dead. 

  • DadeepDepression

  • I hope they do shoot her down, they would be doing We the People a HUGE favor!!!!!  dementia won't do anything but stammer incoherently, as is usual for him!!!!!!!!!!

    • Did you see her struggling down the steps from our plane in her stupid pink pantsuit, then walking like she has a stick up her butt? It's embarrassing to have such worn out, old fool represent our nation! And NO, Chinese will not harm her they'll have a lot of fireworks around her, but it's all just show! 

  • Why is she going there in the first place? China has threatened to shoot down her plane. I don't wish ill will on anyone, but if I were her I would cancel that visit nunless she has a fleet of bombers and fighter jets leading her plane.

    • After China threat she had to go, there was no longer a choice, we can't give in to bullies and let them tell us how we do things!

    • Why is she going there?  First Taiwan is the World's largest chip supplier. Pelosi just passed the $59 billion Chip bill. Since her hubby Paul just got caught insider trading on chips and had to lose money, Pelosi is going there personally to collect her bribe $$$$$$$$$. Second: She's highly upset over idiot Biden & the EU's sanctions on Russian products and is going to fill 3 - USAF C-17b jumbo cargo jets with all the Russian Vodka she can find.

  • Although I am not a big Pelosi fan, should not she or anyone be allowed the freedom to visit wherever they please?

    • Should anyone be allowed the freedom to visit wherever they please? Yes and No... You're free to visit Compton, Watts and Oakland and even Detroit, Chicago or the Bronx but all these areas are similar to Taiwan being as they too are controlled by a hostile heavily armed entities. Your visit should you dare will result in a guaranteed car jacking, being robbed, shot and most likely robbed again, the women in your party will be raped after which either stabbed or shot several times. So, in comparison let's consider Pelosi's trip... The place she's trying to visit has been claimed by a hostile country, much like the cities I've noted above. It has a peer - peer military, and they state her actions will be seen as that of an enemy thus escalating tensions leading to global war. They have also indicated sternly we'll shoot her down if she tries. Even the US pResident and US Military has told Pelosi - Don't go... So, to answer your question Yes anyone should be allowed the freedom to visit wherever they please, but like visiting the Bronx, Compton, Watts, Oakland, Detroit or Chicago... a visit to Taiwan... well it's just not a good idea!  Jus sayin...

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