As it became clear Mitt Romney would be the Republican presidential nominee in 2012, the Obama campaign fired up its Chicago-style machine to attack the incumbent president’s election foe. Team Obama identified several Romney donors to smear publicly; one was a wealthy businessman from Idaho.

A former Democratic Senate staffer, according to a 2012 editorial in the Wall Street Journal, contacted an Idaho courthouse seeking the divorce records of Frank VanderSloot, who had donated $1 million to Romney’s campaign. The operative was traced to a professional opposition research shop based in Washington, D.C.

The name of the outfit? Fusion GPS. “Fusion GPS is run by a former Wall Street Journal reporter, Glenn Simpson, who wouldn’t say who is paying him for this high-minded slumming but said in an email that Mr. VanderSloot was a ‘legitimate’ target because of ‘his record on gay issues,’” the Journal wrote.

As we now know, that would not be the last time Obama loyalists would hire Fusion GPS to oversee its dirt-digging operation. Nor was it the first time Obama sought to unseal divorce records to ruin a political opponent.

Obama’s pathway to winning the Illinois U.S. Senate seat in 2004 was cleared after divorce records of his Democratic primary opponent, who had been in the lead, were made public just weeks before the election. After Obama won the primary, the Chicago Tribune sued to get the divorce settlement of Jack Ryan, Obama’s Republican opponent, unsealed. (Many suspect at the behest of Obama advisor and longtime Tribune columnist David Axelrod.) Embarrassing details sank Ryan’s candidacy and he dropped out of the race. Obama won the seat with 70 percent of the vote.

No one wins the presidency without using hardball tactics to get there. Barack Obama is a special case, however, because the media not only covered for him but aided his scorched-earth tactics while he alternated between feigning either innocence or ignorance. This lasted during his two presidential campaigns and eight years in the White House.

The same pattern has been playing out the last four years. In May 2016, the Democrats hired Fusion GPS again to destroy Barack Obama’s rival, Donald Trump. But this time, the artillery would involve the world’s most powerful law enforcement agency, a secret court, and the full complicity of the national news media.

And as the biggest scandal in American political history has unfolded, Obama’s media accomplices have denied, excused, and/or justified his involvement while desperately creating other scandals to serve as diversions. To date, the former president has not faced one question about what he knew and when he knew it. His vice president, safely bunkered in his home studio away from uninvited media scrutiny, is enjoying the same protection despite Joe Biden’s known participation in the Trump-Russia collusion ruse.

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  • He is even at odds with his old buddy Larry Sinclair.


  • let me say this Obama should have been in jail a long time ago point and simple.

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    • The unfortunate part of this whole mess is that it is solid proof that our entire government is corrupt.  Anyone has yet to be held accountable among these creeps with high paying jobs and deadly power.  That our politicians - on both sides of this carousel - are so absolutely feckless, is disgusting.  That this government has used the Covid-19 distraction to avoid accountability for the annihilation of the global economy as well as any hope of a future 'American Dream' is treasonous against the people that it serves.  These arrogant individuals will only respond when they are awakened to a knock on their doors in the wee hours of the morning and they discover - to their horror - that it is the American People.  Our government has been headed by Rothschild for decades.  They will try desperately to keep us in fear and lockdown.  Just as Japan woke us up in 1941, let us wake to this nightmare with ice in our veins and steel in our hearts.  We are invincible...we need only to realize it.  Like NEO in the Matrix, we must realize our full potential as the American People.  Only WE can save ourselves and, coincidentally, the world.

    • Yes, it would even be resonable to wake up screaming.

  • I, and 64 million other Trump voters, want to know why President Trump has not used his many resources to expose this blowhard obama's birth certificate, his fake Social Security number, and his fake college records. Could it be that they have some dirt on him? It is the only thing one can conclude I guess. Maybe if he gets 4 more years some of this fakers lies will be exposed for the lies that they are. We can only hope!

    • I voted for Trump.  With all that has transpired to guarantee a Depression without equal, I now ask:  Why has Trump not taken out the FED?  Why has Trump not addressed the Global Bankrupcy?  Wilbur Ross - our Commerce Secretary - helped Trump through several damaging bankruptcies while Ross worked for Baron von Rothschild for decades?  They then thought that Trump could be useful to them in the future.  What is the plan now and who is in control?  Rothschild owns the FED and the FED is as crooked as a 200 mile country fence.  They have destroyed us, our children and our grandchildren.  What happens when this nation experiences a paradigm shift and we all simultaneously realize what we are about to go through?  How can Trump help us?  How much of this is his fault?

    • Well, the Federal reserve incorperated in London England was was given cart blanche in 1913 to take our money away from us. It is not part of the U.S. government.. Some say JFK was killed because he wanted to audit the fed. In 1791 congress gave them a 20 year contract to handle our monetary system. It expired in 1811, 1812 we the had our second British- American war because we did not renew the contract. look up Fenanderal Knox and Jeckel Island.

    • Why... has the President failed to keep his most pressing and important campaign promise... too, DRAIN THE SWAMP and why should we believe he will if he is given a second term...
      I don't know how to answer those questions other than to say BETRAYAL seems to be a PANDEMIC among politicians...

      I only know that Hillary is not in jail and every major political figure involved in the attempt to remove the President illegally is operating on all cylinders heading into the 2020 Election... and that voting for Pres. Trump is not a guarantee that things will change ... it appears we can look for more betrayal.

    • Considering that Trump has been under attack since he started running for president he has spent most of his time in office just fending off attacks with no time left to get much real work done.  Then he has had some REALLY bad advisors and appointees.

      I don't know if another term will get much done about draining the swamp.  However, I do know that there is no one as good as him running for president.  

      I'm gonna give him another term and see what happens.

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