• More witch hunt tactics!!!!!  They should do what the devildemocommiecrats do, just ignore them!!!!!  I wish they would subpeona me, they would see what REAL contempt of congress looks like!!!!!!!!!!

  • You can kiss my rosy red a** you creeps

  • Screw each and every member of that BULL SHIT Committe .The spokesman should go home and lose weight ,he looks like a beached whale !

  • They are idiots. This will all backfire on them.

  • Don't think so............bucko...!!   Take your suponeas to the bathroom with you.  You could get more out of them there I think...!


  • Someone or a group of someone's need to stop the democrats from their diabolical quest for permenant power and control of this country.  They have gone a are going  way beyond what is legal and constitutional.  Schumer and Pelosi are in a gigantic snit that their leadership has absolutely damned them in to utterly political hell, which does my heart good.  They are not only fanatical about power, they are just plain vicious in doing anything to keep it. With the likely hood of Clinton getting into the presidential race in 2024, the DC body count will probably increase steadly until then.  After the Republicans majority is sworn in on Jan. 20 2023, they should be, our present day Gen. Sherman, and make the democrats howl.    The Republican vindictiveness should have no boundry.  

    • Walter, the gop establishment is complicit in tyranny!!!!!  There are some good ones but too few!!!!!!!!!!


    • What GOP majority in 2023... Does the Public believe the Marxist Democrats are going to permit fair and open elections to determine who governs in America? Examine history, review the current status of the electoral process in places like Columbia, Venezuela, or Nicaragua... nation-states where Marxist are in control of elections.  Everywhere Marxist control elections the outcomes are guaranteed to elect SUPER MAJORITIES for the Marxists, not an outcome that reflects the people's vote, or a Democratically elected government.

      Understand this... The Stalinist model for elections is clear regarding who selects the representatives of government... It is not the people who vote that count (elect those in government). It is the  Marxists who count the votes, who determine the outcome of elections.  Marxists have total control over our election outcomes. The people no longer hold the sole franchise on elections. How many stolen elections does it take to wake up America to that fact?  The GOP is unlikely to regain power in either House of Congress... when Election Fraud is permitted to elect the members of our government.

    • Knowing that the GOP "leadership" are all gutless POS's, I have grave doubts that anything like that will ever happen.

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