• The Thugs with the weapons seem very well prepared for a Surprise Insurrection. The Goon seen  indiscriminately throwing the concussion grenades surely had a sore shoulder for a while, maybe he was among the injured officers. 

    Please share this video everywhere. 

  • I agree with the title of this that this is true and obvious. No one was firing upon the "police" or whomever those jerks are. 

    I know what I would do with them if I could. These are not worthy of being called "officers." They are thugs, plain and simple.

  • Why am I just getting a cloud picture on the last two I have opened?

  •  Admin Dee - no video, it says "500 service unavailable"

  • Sure liiks like they incited the crowd. They should be in jail. You would think that one of those traitors shooting at people who were doing nothing  would come out and fess up.

  • Now you know how well we can count on those in uniform in leftist cities!

  • Nothing new...just commie trash being what they are.

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