• The GOP will do nothing more than obfuscate .... call for new hearings ... Only, to conclude addiional hearings are needed before referal to the FBI  for an investigation into whether any CHARGEABLE crime(s) have occurred.  By then, the statute of limitations should run out, or  Pres. Biden will be pardon his family...including himself... claiming the entire fiasco was politically motivatted and he and his family are all innocent.

  • She's a demoncrat; they're all clueless.

  • Ironically, President Trump was impeached for inquiring about something similar. A few years ago, Trump decided to call the newly elected leader of Ukraine, had a pleasant conversation, and suggested that both nations work closely to fight corruption. Hunter's name was mentioned. Nancy Pelosi decided to impeach President Trump on the innocent phone call, to discourage or prevent any further insight to  "kickbacks" to the "big guy". There's been a cover-up operation ever since.

  • Translation: "They (Republicans) are not focusing on cleaning up the mess that we ( Democrats) have made." 

  • KJP = Political Prostitute!

  • She is such a disgusting broad, makes me sick

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