• It's not just Biden, we HATE all TRAITORS to America. 

  • True, since those are the well informed they cannot fool!

  • Nor we are going to change the minds of whom love him. Let the majority rule if the establishment don't commit further electoral frauds. on us

  • OHH, she was Slammed by the "FULL COURT PRESS" of TRUTH.".

    • But that will Not mean she believes it.

  • as long as you keep reciting propaganda instead of the truth

  • Well, for once Jeanne-Pierre speaks "intelligent truth", that is a minor miracle in itself.  Do you suppose this anti-American regime is beginning to see the reality?

    • This regime wouldn't see the truth if it bit them in the arse!

    • LOL 🤣🤣 True

    • True

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