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  • Finally the Federal Government is being forced out of the Abortion Business. This has always been the jurisdiction of the Individual States. Now perhaps the focus can switch to the Fauci Vaccines and how they work and the consequences. Unlike previous vaccines introduced after "Herd Immunity" and the vaccine containing live/dead small amounts of a virus, this Covid Vaccination attacks the Virus, Builds a separate immunity, by building an enclosing shield over every "White Blood Cell" in the human body, the Natural Killer Cells, "Lymphocytes", Nk, K, T&B, LGL Cells to stop them from attacking the Vaccine. The drawback being, these " Lymphocytes " no longer are capable of recognizing any other Invasive Diseases such as Heart and Cancer a Host may have built immunities too. Remember, we are important to ourselves because we are all we think about. But why would that make us important to anyone else in control of our destinies?

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Biden is a piece of senile crap! 

    • Can't argue with that!

  • Does anyone understand that the Billions of $$$$ Planed Parenthood makes off the bead bodys of little babies goes back to the democrat campains fund of the socialist democrats!!!


  • EVIL!!!

  • Oh I am certain he is - he is such a good Christian!!!  The only babies that should be aborted are those whose parents are de"mock"rats!

  • Psensaki.. is  lumping  Trump  in  with  the  Dems   that   prAIsed  Smollett....GET  IT  RIGHT....   trump  was asked  about this  "hate"  crime and  his  answer   was he  couldn't   because  he  did  not  know  enough  about  WHAT  HAPPENED.

    • You are CORRECT!!!  I can't stand it when the stupid left can't get their facts straight!!!  ALWAYS SPINNING!!  GOTTA STICK TO THEIR NARRATIVE NO MATTER HOW WRONG THEY ARE!!!

  • Evil is as evil does. There is no good in Biden and his whole administration. They are anti-life, anti-America and anti-Christ. They are a curse.

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