• Nutty nan is so booze and botox addled she can't manage a coherent thought!!!!!  She is as brain dead as joe dementia!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yes Nancy,  Joe is the perfect example of how someone with dementia could become president having done nothing in 50 years in government. Maybe once you get treatment from being an alcoholic drunk you will realize this.

  • Drunken broad

  • Lushosi is exceptionally corrupt, and drunk 98% of the time.  But, rather than say she's "like  the girl ..."; attack her record instead.  Like O'biden, she is as corrupt  as they come.

  • Would like to know who the 50% idiots are that think Biden did a good job on his handling of Covid. Wonder how all the dead covid vaccine voters would have voted. Time for term limits and mandatory retirement at a certain age. What would happen to one of us if we were to show up at work DRUNK

  • what do we expect when the Devil is running this nation.

  • She's drunk.  AGAIN.  Time to retire, Nance.

    • Yuck

    • Now there's an image.  Thanks for the nightmare. 😂

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