• Bombshell: Feds Paid Companies to Silence Trump, His Family, and Supporters on Social Media Around 2020 Election



    The federal government has been working with a group of four private companies to flag supposed election “misinformation” for censorship by social media platforms.

    Two recent reports, published on Friday and Saturday by Just the News, reveal the group was responsible for the censorship of 20 news outlets during the 2020 election.

    After Biden was in the White House, Just the News reported, the group was “rewarded” with millions of taxpayer dollars and its work continues today.

    In addition, the group, which calls itself the Election Integrity Partnership, put together a list of “repeat spreaders” of election misinformation in 2020. The list included now-former President Donald Trump, his sons Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump and a number of other prominent right-leaning figures on social media.


    The four members of the EIP are the Stanford Internet Observatory, the University of Washington’s Center for an Informed Public, the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab and Graphika, which deals in social media analytics.

    In a lengthy report dated June 15, 2021, the EIP describes itself as an “information exchange” between various entities, including “election officials, government agencies, civil society organizations, social media platforms, the media, and the research community.” The report said the EIP helps these groups pass information back and forth regarding supposed “mis- and disinformation” occurring on social media.

    These tickets were later used to asked Big Tech platforms to censor media outlets and “repeat spreaders,” including Trump and his family.

    The EIP’s work was discovered by former State Department official Mike Benz, who is now with a nonprofit watchdog group called Foundation for Freedom, according to Just the News.

    In his own report on the Foundation for Freedom website, Benz wrote that the Department of Homeland Security’s involvement with the group has gone largely unnoticed due to a number of reasons.

    “But perhaps the main reason DHS’s Ministry Of Truth has evaded public attention for so long is that it acts like a coordinator of a censorship network, rather an implementer of specific censorship acts,” Benz wrote.

    “By this method, the role of highly visible private sector actors flagging posts on one side and carrying censoring flagged posts on the other — all seemingly on their own — is salient, while the coordinating role of the US government is obscured.”

    According to Just the News, the government’s involvement with the EIP could be a violation of the First Amendment’s prohibition preventing Congress and, by extension, federal agencies funded by the legislative branch, from passing laws that limit free speech.

    In May, the Biden administration paused the development of a new branch of DHS called the “Disinformation Governance Board” following accusations that the department would be used for political censorship.

    Nearly a year earlier, on June 15, 2021, the Biden administration announced the “National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism.” According to a White House statement, the plan involved the federal government increasing its “information sharing with the technology sector.”

    There is plenty of evidence to suggest government officials have been coordinating with social media entities to censor speech for some time now. For example, on Aug. 25, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted that FBI officials told the company to be on the lookout for Russian disinformation in the run-up to the 2020 election.

    Speaking with The Western Journal in 2021, national security expert Jim Hanson claimed the “National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism” is merely a ploy meant to give the government the ability to censor its political opponents.

    “In the guise of protecting us against domestic terrorism, they’re going to work to counter mis- and disinformation with the social media companies,” national security expert Jim Hanson told The Western Journal at the time.

    “That’s literally, right there, crossing that First Amendment line,” Hanson said. “They’re just trying to outsource it.”

    Michael Austin
    Michael Austin is the Manager of Writing and Reporting at The Western Journal, a news site with stories that matter to everyday Americans.
  • Look...With as many 'Republicans' really being Democrats in Republican clothing, it's very, VERY hard for me to believe ANY story in the (Sewer) Main Street Media, because they have the deductive prowess of Inspector Clouseau...really never thought I'd leave the GOP, but they've left me YEARS ago! 

  • FBI is nothing anymore  but a modern day Gestapo! Political police force, along with the NSA, CIA. and DOJ. So how do we the people  clean up this Hot Steamy Mess???

    • Absolutely we are slipping down in that direction. Do they have to start shouting people in front of the public before people see what is being done?

  • I agree, there is sufficient evidence of insurrection, treason, incitement to riot, and violence... to justify revoking the current ownership of their license to broadcast... they are not serving the public's interest... a requirement of licensing.  The FCC needs to notify... all of the MSM networks... that they have 180 days to sell their networks at the end of such time they will have all their broadcast licenses revoked, and their stations physically shut down if not sold to an approved buyer.

    The MSM is operating as a propaganda network for insurrectionist and treasonist ideologues... the new world order and the WEF... world economic forum.

    • You are absolutely right and quite accurate about all that, but until we are ready to take control over our government nothing can or will happen.  It isn't evidence, or justifiction that is needed.  We've got plenmty of all that.

    • I agree with you, Ronald. It is important that the FCC steps in and shuts down the msm. Fake news do not serve the public. Instead, fake news poison the fabric of American society and it needs to be eradicated. People who have been brainwashed by the msm need to be re-educated. These measures are necessary if we want to regain our way of life, our liberties and freedom. As drastic as this may sound, I agree with you completely. I am done with the lying msm, too.


  • How stupid of the Dems not to realize that sooner or later the truth comes out . It,s the Democrates that are real enemies of the people , the traitor that walk amoung us . As for the FBI .way too corrupt to be allowed to continue .Defund and start over that,s my opinion.

  • The FBI is a Domestic Terrorist organazation and should be dealt with as such

    • That is a great way to discribe them.........if only!

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