• Liberals want to save the planet. Conservatives want to save the world.

  • These are the real entitled... many believe they are entitled to rule based on their positions in life.  They are opportunists often leveraging position and wealth to advance their ideas but they offer little to no real value to humanity.  They often take and consume more than they personally add to the human experience.

  • We a select group of human beings .... can talk about saving the planet.  This man ought to be in jail not givng impromptu speeches to the elite. 

  • What an idiot the planet needs no help to survive from humans it has been here before any human 

  • A charlitan, a globalist, fraud!!!

  • He is such a lying disgusting man, I cannot stand him or his elitist friends

    • They are cultists, not elitists.

    • We need to stop calling them elitist.  They are cultists.

    • That is TRUE.

  • They are a bunch of elitests that think they know it all. They come in their private jets, stay in the best motels, eat food that many of us cannot afford & the taxpayers pay for all this bs

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