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      Sorry, got carried away with the verbiage.... Taxing the hell out of yachts was a little excessive... the wealthy however, need to pay a fair tax... one that reflects the services they use and the homeless simply don't access weather, coast guard, and Navy services... or communication, and the satellite navigational aides for their landlocked cardboard boxes.

    • Col., I appreciate that. We are all feeling squeezed or whatever word anyone wants to use. Desperate. Fees appear completely fair to me. Love the descriptive, "landlocked cardboard boxes," lol.

    • Losing an entire industry is not responsible taxation. America used to provide top quality in almost everything. We have fallen. Taxation is important enough to realize that building the best has positive repercussions for other industries. If you read the above, we were the world's leader in building yachts. Taxation destroyed that #1 role. 

      It should not have happened. 

    • Taxation is NOT to be punitive. It is to be FAIR and Constitutional and deprive no one of anything unfairly.

      Our problems are about the LAW and JUSTICE. The damn bankriuptcy, the corporation, the fiat, the improper and unconstitutional amendments, the military courts of injustice, the lack of accountability and representation due to NOT following the constitution. 30,000 citizens to be represented per Rep and that is IT. The lawyers taking their oath to the British Registry. They are required to register as foreign agents according to FARA, Foreign Agent Registration Act. THAT is a PROBLEM. And the rogue agencies. THEY ARE OUR ENEMIES on our own soil. 

    • I AGREE... taxes ought to reflect the benefits the government provides the taxpayer... to be FAIR and JUST.  I prefer to see fees for service instead of taxes... albiet, direct taxes for major infrastructure and public facilities should be APPORTIONED... and spread among all taxpayers.

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