• I make a decision that I don't listen to the Democratic party period what come out of their mouth is full of hatred period.

  • Question, what is a synonym for Stupid:  Answer CommieLa Harris.  I don't know how she could say it defies the Constitution - she is incapable of either spelling Constitution or reading the Constitution.

  • Piss on this public whore.

    • very strong language but it's ok

  • The laughing cow should speak less to conceal her ignorance more.

    • That 8s the fact

  • And that ignoramus is a lawyer, she must have slept her way through law school too, as she did for any job advancement.

    • She may have sex with all her male teacher so that they pass her

  • You know what really bothers me about roe versus Wade have you noticed that all the people that are against childbirth have already been born they must have a lousy lousy life their leading.

    • That's how the Devil work he want to kill, steal, and destroy what God already done.

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