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  • OH, she WILL do what she is told to do!  I do believe their are people other than slow joe and matress on her back running the show!!!

  • If the VP is not DOING THE BORDER... does that mean she is DOING NEWSOME... the Governor of California.  Question:  Is social distancing required for 'doing the border' and does one wear a mask, while doing it? 

    Finally, someone needs to be doing the border before the border does us.  VP Harris appears qualified to DO THE BORDER.  So, where's the beef Ms. Harris?  Women do it all the time... So, roll up your skirt, dust off your posterior, and do the border for uncle Sam.

  • So Mexico and the cartels will be "doing" the border and the border patrol has to stand by and do nothing.

  • Ronald Nelson. I totally agree, but I call it as I see it, Communism. Democrats brainwash anybody and everybody by calling Socialism. People need to wake up. It is hard to advise others who they should vote for (the best man) when the communist cheat, steal and lie to gain power. Everybody with half a brain knows the election was fixed. I have heard it said thar Pelosi's husband is a big wig with Dominon Computers. Isn't that odd? Many probably do not know this. The other thing that totally ticks me off, is how Democratic Communist politicians never face "any" punishment for their crimes, never! Most of the Democrats are treasonous and murders. People do not know this either.

  • Kamala won't be doing it because she isn't the V.P. per Article II, Section 1, Clause 2 U.S. Constituion.

  • Guess the border is "just an idea" kinda like dems explain Antofagasta. 

    • Antifa

    • Black ISIS.


  • America already knows this skank and that drunk pelosi are calling the shots, we're not stupid.

  • Who's calling the shots on the border... how about the Socialist International, their Polit Bureau, George Soros, and a large group of dupes and opportunists, looking to feather their own nests (greed and avarice).  The US is becoming one more failed state, the victim of a Marxist internal insurgency, sponsored by agents of the Socialist International and friends/dupes. 

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