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  • Kari Lake prevailed in the Arizona Primairies against the McCainiacs and their RINO entourage who have LONG undermined conservative representation in Arizona and elsewhere.  The RINOS  have now been put on notice that their dying legacy is being heaved into the trash heap of illbegotten political power.  The pruge in the Arizona legislature was made compete by expelling Rusty RINO Bowers (Az Speaker of the House) in his bid to infiltrate the state senate.  Good riddance!

  • Hope she wins

  • She is the same kind ofTREASONOUS pond scum her daddy, the songbird, was!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rinos are worse than demonrats. They pretend to be patriotic and God loving while demonrats make it obvious that they are neither. Rinos and demonrats need to be charged with sedition and treated accordingly. Otherwise we won't be able to restor America to its former glory, to preserve our liberties and freedom.

  •  Megan is a waste of oxygen 

  • John McCain was a coward a traitor and he ejected from the plane when there was no danger the rocket was not even near he was a Rino just like the rest who are being replaced 

  • John McCain was a Trator and War Criminal

    • Known as SongBird by his fellow MIA's.

    • You mean POW's


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