• Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid make up about two thirds of the budget. Defense is another 10%. Debt service is approaching 10% of the total. That leaves 15% of the total and plenty of pork that can be cut. I am counting on the Freedom Caucus to follow President Donald J Trump's efforts to balance the budget. They need to stand firm, shut down the government, and make the demonrats & rinos reduce the pork. Let's see what McCarthy and the GOP leadership will do.....

  • Defense should also be off the table. Hollywood Bill Gate and his high tech companies alone with all the rich liberals should put their money where their mouth is 

  • I agree that Social Security and Medicare should be off the table with one exception.  Medicare SHOULD NOT be available for illegals.

    • I Agree.

    • Nothing should be available to illegals!!!

    • Absolutely, Nothing should be available to illegals that. Except a trip back to the country they came from. or better yet , set them to Mexico. Let Mexico deal with them. After all, they let them come through their country to get to the United States. .


  • Better be, they know better.....that's an untouchable. They forced the people to contribute all their lives............

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