• If President Trump, or ANY Republican president acted the way Beijing Joe talks and behaves, there would be an immediate demand to remove him/her, per Amendment 25 - - as unfit/unable to perform the duties of the office.

  • Really who cares not the news media or democrats they are covering for Biden's stupid stupidity.

  • Isn't that how they are reacting now with additional elements of maliciousness and mendacity? 

  • Even more ignorant than they are now. They just keep raising the bar on stupid daily.

  • They would have lost their minds to slam him

  • Look at what they did to BUSH over Hurricane Katrina. My Hubby and I kept screaming at the TV for him to stand up for himself. Never did. No guts like TRUMP

    • Over the past eight-plus decades I have learned some things are simply too silly/ignorant/foolish to even bother to respond to - - much less "dignified".  I've also learned if you don't respond to it (or feed it) it doesn't grow; it will die a "natural death".  

    • I don't think Bush lacked the courage to respond to his critics but felt that it was undignified and beneath the ofrece of POTUS to do so. I believe his attitude about it was both a strengh and a failing inasmuch as POTUS can't and shouldn't waste time responding to every criticism but still has to put to rest the major líes and innuendos propogated by political enemies...such as with Katrina.   But you are right in believing that there is definitely media bias in favor of the National Democrat Socialist Party and its progressive supporters.

  • The media doesn't want to accept they have a stupid idiot clown as their president 

    • Oh they accept it.  They just don't want to portray it to the public.

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