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  • Àn interesting point of fact is the FBI was created in 1908 and under J.Edgar Hoover created dossiers of Thousands of American Citizens including Politicians and perceived enemies. The KGB was created in 1958, 46 years later and obviously took the lessons provided from our own FBI techniques seriously. Apparently ours have continued over a longer period of time. The Romans created the phrase "Who shall Guard the Guards."

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • planned parenthood facilities are just like the gulag on what happens to the unborn

  • You're absolutely correct Ron. The FBI Director can only be Fired by the President. His recommendation for hiring comes through the NSA Director, to be confirmed by Congress for a Ten Year Tenure. 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • There is a DOTTED Line to the NSA on the organization chart between the Director of the FBI and NSA... the FBI Director is cleared to directly coordinate intel with the NSA and the NSA director is cleared to TASK the FBI with intel missions...However, the FBI's primary role is not intel, it is federal law enforcement. Until 9/11 there was no direct contact with the NSA all intel taskings, meetings, and exchanges had to be cleared through the DOJ... Now there is a dotted line or a direct authorization to act on intel items without going thru the DOJ.  

      The President Recommends and can fire anyone... in the Administration.  However, the President doesn't go directly to the Director daily it is the AG and his Deputy that provide daily supervision and also are the ones who should recommend the FIRING of any delinquent FBI Director.  The President of course would be required to approve any termination recommended by the AG and his Deputy.

  • I for one, was impressed by Rep. Victoria Spartz @RepSpartz - and her questioning of AG Garland.   I perceive she is tough, and has a good deal of dealing with Communist.   Welcome to America RepSpartz.

  • I would fully support removing the FBI Director from under the Control of the NSA Director who is a Part of the Presidential Advisory Staff, susceptible to immediate discharge at a moments notice, which in urn makes the FBI Director under.indirect control of the President.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • I believe that the Director of the FBI is under the direct supervision of the DEPUTY ATTORNEY GENERAL... not the NSA Director.  The FBI Director reports to the DOJ... not the National Security Agency.  

    • After 911 the Director of the FBI also answers to the Director of the NSA as a member of the National Intelligence community... not as a federal law enforcement agency.  The FBI is also a part of the National Security Agency for domestic intelligence functions.  The DOJ is its primary superior with the AG and his Deputy providing direct daily supervision and oversight.

  • Garland is one evil man

  • The FBI is the KGB of  today and the democrat party is a communist party 

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