• Charston Heston said it best, "Out of my cold dead hands", come and get them you lazy bastards.

  • One of the steps for complete government control!

  •  Why not?  What happened to the freedom of information act?

    2022 ATF O.5370.1E Federal ... by Houston Keene


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  • The people will just go undergroud to buy guns.

  • Imagine how they will treat us when we are defenseless! 

  • The Democrats don't have a problem running guns to mexican drug cartel but want to disarm law abiding Americans. The ATF are looking alot like the Brown shirt FBI

  • All they want to do is get the American people to give up their guns. Check out history when people in other countries did this.

    • We won't give them up, history proven that. And I bet all of the gunshooting in this country were caused by the democrats just to  push their agenda. 


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