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Dozens of leaked internal documents and Zoom call video footage were made public Sunday describing plans by progressive activists and federal workers to disrupt and destabilize the outcome of Tuesday's presidential election, including plans to "shut down the White House."

"It's a coup. Don't let anyone tell you it's not," a woman states during one Zoom session.

The videos and documents, which reportedly have been handed over to law enforcement, were posted on two websites, as well as, both of which promised to be regularly updated with additional content during the next 48 hours as Election Day approaches.


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  • I wonder how many people are on this website? The reason I think this is are there sufficient numbers that could rise up if a leader should take it upon themselves to attempt to lead this contingency of American Patriots. I live in Redding, CA but am an old fart so could only defend not attack anything. An old Vet can still dream in the greatest country in the world. I love this President and don't care who knows it. Rocky Venti if the feds want me. Real Americans don't hide behind false names. God bless each of you, our country and President Trump. 

  • We are a bunch of sheeple! I don't see anyone with a musket out there shooting the government employees nor storming the state capitols. All bloviators back in your hidey holes! Adios America...damn, I hate it when that happens. 

    • We are leaderless and isolated... a people who are finding it difficult to comprehend how serious our national problems have become... It takes activist leadership to motivate people sufficiently to risk their security and families; where there is no clear vision or organization to rally masses there is no hope... and no means to UNITE them.  So far, the patriot has not found that leadership, but out of desperation there often arises the promise of reform and leaders willing to act.  The People are capable of righting their ship of state, they simply need the correct leadership and support.  Let's hope that such leadership arrives in time to avoid total war... civil war.

    • Leaderless? Trump is our leader and I for one am not turnig against him, no matter what. Period.

    • Constructive engagement and critique of one's leadership should be expected and welcomed... especially, where it is intended to highlight critical issues needing to be addressed before they become major problems.  Feedback in the field when dealing with fluid and complicated actions is good policy... burying one's head in the sand helps no one.

    • Yes, leaderless... I don't see the President calling on any specific action to address the insurrection or coupe attempts.... in fact, I don't see him organizing the people to assist him in  bringing the lawlessness to an end or to expose the fraud.  THe longer we wait to get a definitive decision on the elections the more unlikely it will be reversed due to fraud.  Civil War is becoming the only option that is likely to force the government to admit the elections were rigged and to have new elections.

      It is not 'turning against him' to ask the President to lead... to 'define a plan of action' and ask the Public to support it with SPECIFIC actions, including massive assemblies in the Millions, not thousands, demanding the election be declared void and a new election ordered.... in 60 days.  We need new elections because the mixing of ballots has made it impossible to know when they were received and who cast them...

      I understand that the Law firm in PA contesting the election results withdrew... Why? And what is happening to replace them?  It appears more is happening than meets the eye.... Biden is receiving congratulations for winning from other nations in the world and Trump has done little to defend his case other than file a law suite now... without representation... this doesn't bode well for our case to prove Election and Voter Fraud.  It also brings into question how that law firm was selected... they had to know withdrawing makes the President's case look untenable... and frankly, it couldn't get much worse.  Good Leaders don't let such things happen... 

    • Sounds like you are saying that Trump has dropped the ball big time and that the court cases aren't going anywhere.....maybe for lack of evidence that the PA law firm could have submitted? Trump said he had lots of evidence that prove the elections were rigged. I am sure they will be presented in court in due time. Why are you doubting Trump? Why are you suggesting civil war is the only option? Have you given up on Trump?

    • Paul... It doesn't sound like much is happening... Trump's lawsuit in PA has had its lead counsel drop out, leaving the President without counsel. That is not good and could become very problematic as the clock winds down on various Constitutional deadlines for challenging the election results. Tell me what is the status of the Court Cases?  Have there been any injunctions issued to protect the evidence, ballots, voting machines? I don't know of any but I could be wrong.  What has happened Mr. Simmon? What progress has been made?

    • You are right. There hasn't been much progress. Why is Trump not submitting the crushing and extensive evidence he says they have? We all know the evidence is out there but I haven't seen it be part of a court case yet. Why not? Why is Trump hiding it? 

    • I'm with you. Were I the captain I would be going down with the ship! No real American wants to live in a country that you can't be proud of.      Trump 2020 & 2024!

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