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  • Texas is doing audit, now that the secratery of state has resigned. And Harris County clerk resigned just a few days after the election saying as he left to go back to his law firm 'certify the vote'.  May need to be decertified.

  • Turning Talk into Action would help motivate many "Sheep" to "Shed Their Wool!"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain


  • If the Democrats won the election fair then their is nothing to hide but every time they try to stop it they just look guilty and the media will fall with them 

    • Where, of where, are the various militia?  Where, of where, are those known leaders who could and should call for a 5 million person unarmed march on DC?  Clear out the congress except for known staunch conservatives who are "Trumpers."  I have even written on these TP blogs for the TPP to lead such a march.  No. Nothing.

  • Holy good God I pray this happens.Amen.

  • With examination must come remedy.

    That flurry of mass mail-in ballots that provided obscurity for fraudsters, questionable personal identification to cast or post a ballot, and chain of ballot custody, as well as extended times for election events, and discreet data base manipulation  of computer tally machines (especially interfaced with the Internet) all serve to enhance fraud potential.

    These lapses and gimmicks must go!

  • NOW please!

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