Rush Limbaugh said these next four months are going to be a "veritable war" like we have not seen between Democrats and President Trump. On the Tuesday broadcast of his nationally-syndicated radio program, Limbaugh said Democrats will do their best to keep the economy shut down, expand that shutdown, and to blow up their own country's jobs to ensure a Trump loss in November.

RUSH LIMBAUGH: I’ll tell you something else that’s starting to send red flags up. You probably have already noticed this. All these blue state governors that want to keep their states locked down, it’s purely political. But what are they depending on? They’re depending on the red states — the red states that are opening up! The red states are gonna get the economy kickstarted.

The red states are gonna create capital and money to transfer to pay these people their stupid welfare costs (and whatever else they’re using to bleed this country dry), while their population sits home, doesn’t work, waits for the federal check to show up — and they sit around and they trash the supposedly reckless red states. I cannot tell you how this irritates me.

The red state governors — like Kemp in Georgia and any number of these people — are doing the right thing. They’re trying to get their people back to work, for all the right common-sensical human and humane reasons — to protect lives — to protect livelihoods, the United States economy, the state economy. And then you go to a blue state, and it’s the exact opposite.

They shut down and lock down, and they want to remain locked down until July or August or whatever — and nothing’s gonna open and nothing is gonna happen. And they fully expect the red states to sit there and essentially pay for it. Folks, I’m gonna tell you, these next four months are gonna be a veritable war like we have not seen.

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  • The Dem strategy will, as all of their ploys since 2106 will backfire on them. Do they think that the residents in blue states will be happy watching red states getting back to work again? They are so stupid it's incredible! Of course the propaganda media will downplay the success in the red states and even propagandize Covid statistics there,but that won't work. Blue state workers and small business owners will resent being locked down and the Dem Party will pay for it dearly. People on the Left must really be from another planet. Their ideology and policies don't make any sense on this planet!

    • Wrong Len...

      Many of those on the left are making more money on unemployment and the pandemic wage relief program than they have in their life...$600 plus their normal weekly unemployment check ... should give them roughly 1000/wk. Why would a minimum wage employee want to return to work and take a massive cut in his income?  The left deliberately provided the massive amount of pandemic income relief to keep those receiving it from returning to their low wage jobs... no, they can make more money at home watching TV than at work.  What needs to happen is for Pres. Trump to stop the pandemic wage guarantee whenever an employer calls their workers back to work... and they refuse.  Capitalist systems pay people to work, communist systems pay people not to work.

  • Trump needs to just override them and open up the whole country. If people don't want to work then let them starve.

    • I agree. I've been saying that but people I know don't believe me or see it.


    • Would that he could Janet... the President has great powers but he can not order a State to open up its economy... However, he can cut off their pandemic wage and relief probrams... let them pay for their PPE and support their failing hospitals and businesses with State Funds... and those states doing well with fighting off COVID19 will not be forced to suffer the bad policies of their socialist and Marxist neighboring States.  Why should we all pay for the extravagant and expensive social programs of States like California and New York... or Oregon and Washington?

  •  The following article extracted from Natural News at:

    "(Natural News) President Trump and top Trump administration officials are setting the stage for wartime retaliation against communist China for China’s launching of biological warfare against the United States. The goal of this effort is to cause the collapse of the communist regime, which is widely known as the most evil, dishonest and malicious government on the planet.

    Consider what we know so far:

    The Wuhan coronavirus was engineered in the Wuhan virology lab in communist China.  The virus was deliberately engineered with “gain-of-function” properties to infect and kill humans.
    After releasing the virus, the Chinese government desperately sought to hide its origins by destroying evidence and executing whistleblowers.  At the same time, communist China was conspiring with  the WHO to make sure the rest of the world would have a delayed response to the virus by refusing to declare the pandemic a “pandemic.” During all this, China was aggressively buying up PPE supplies all around the world, making sure other nations would experience extreme shortages in masks and other protective equipment as they tried to handle accelerating outbreaks.

    China also leaned on the WHO to criticize any national efforts to block flights from China, characterizing such moves as “racist.” This allowed infected Chinese to rapidly spread the virus around the world  Even as its own people were widely infected, China continued to run hundreds of flights per day to major cities around the world, including Madrid, Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles, Rio Grande and even Moscow. This was China’s way of exporting the pandemic to other nations.  China’s goals of disrupting the US economy, hurting Trump’s chances of re-election and creating economic chaos were all achieved in just a few months."  End of article.

    The question now is:  How do we respond without starting WW-3... and the answer is we don't... not without doing so in kind... and then we may well start WW-3.

    Trump setting the stage for wartime retaliation against communist China regime for launching biolog…
    • We must remember... COVID19 began its development in a USA lab... its development was stopped and shipped by Dr. Fauci to Communist China and their level 4 Wuhan Lab... where it was genetically enhanced and weaponized... it then suddenly appeared in the USA and most of the world.

      Since this virus IS NOT FOUND IN NATURE and we know it only existed in the Wuhan Lab... we can safely state it is China's creation. We can also categorically state it had to be released by China... either deliberately or accidentally. Given the efforts by China to ensure its spread and to hide it from the world until it had taken root in most of the world... it can be safely said China released it with intent to cause serious damage in the US and the world.

      What is most interesting... is that China appears to have stopped the COVID19 virus from any further replication on mainland China. As the nation of origination China, has significantly fewer casualties, when compared to its population and density around ground zero... Thus begging the question: Does China have a vaccine or prophylactic for COVID19. Most Biological Weapons are not released unless the nation doing so has a vaccine, prophylactic, or proven cure.
      War may be looming in the wings...

  • For our struggle is not against flesh and blood



    BibleGateway - Keyword Search: not against flesh and blood
  • The GOP Senate should refuse to fund any further pandemic unemployment-related relief... The President should inform the PUBLIC that each State may continue funding their citizen's pandemic unemployment relief, using State Taxes and resources. However, the Federal Government will no longer continue funding these programs.  Reassure the people that their State Governor has a plan to put them back to work or will advise them of any pandemic unemployment relief the State will provide in the future.  Federal funding will not be used to promote stay at home policies where other states have found it acceptable to return to work.

    Shift the burden to fund pandemic unemployment to the governors/states... Allow the STATE's to decide what is best for their citizens. The United States of America is a Republic; as such, each State is responsible for the welfare of its citizens. The federal government responds to limited national emergencies only after the several states have exhausted their own resources. NATIONAL emergencies are subject to Federal Declaration and management. Pres. Trump should then announce the end to his declaration of a National Emergency, or modify it as necessary to require the several States to return to work or lose all federal aid...

    States choosing to remain shut down should no longer receive pandemic unemployment payments... or other federal aid, unless they demonstrate serious progress to return their citizens to work.  No State should be permitted to rob the lifeblood of their sister states, to support extravagant and excessive welfare programs. Every  State must return to WORK or find internal resources to fund pandemic wage relief for their otherwise employable citizens.

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    • We must think outside of the box when formulating our response to this asymmetrical revolution... One area the President can impact is the Pandemic and the need to get our economy cracking once more... He could do this by modifying his National Emergency Declaration to require the States to end any lockdown policies and orders... returning to normal social and economic activities by May 1, 2020, or all future pandemic federal aid will stop until they do...

      The President can Declare the end to federal funding of pandemic unemployment relief beyond the current program. He may inform the States, that they can choose to continue pandemic wage programs with their own funds if they so choose.  He should also inform them that failure to take appropriate and timely steps to open their economies to full employment will result in all federal pandemic relief being stopped... until the State demonstrates an appropriate response, to return their citizens to full employment.

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