• We must start getting involved in our children and grandchildren's schooling finding out who their teachers are and weeding out the sick people who are trying to push their sickness onto children people like this should never be aloud to teach children anything 

  • satan is making a big push now because he knows his time is just about up!!!!!  This guy is a deceived fool who will spend eternity in the Lake of Fire for doing satan's leg work!!!!!!!!!!

  • PARENTS (Dads) Maybe it's time to start smacking the shit of of people-??? If a teacher was teaching about any sex when my chidren were 5-6 yrs. old, I'd smacked the shit right out of them, then go to the SCHOOL BOARD MEETING-??????

  • There is absolutely nothing normal about this, these people are sexually confused, can not be helped......they cannot live in society, they must be isolated. Islands, I'm sure we have some islands where they can chase eachother ..........but they all must be castrated first!

  • This fella is unique, just like the other 7.5 billion individuals on this planet. He thinks he's special. 

    Good for him, so what.

  • What a perverted possessed brain dead creep

  • This guy is out of his mind.  Nothing of what this queer says is true.  And the bill do not say anything about "don't say gay".  In addition he is a liar.

  • This pervert along with the other perverts needs be fired never to be around children again for the rest of his unnatural life. You come for my kids I come for you and you better pray the cops get to you first. Don't get me wrong I'm a tolerant person. I tolerate people cutting me off in traffic, getting onion rings instead of fries in my Burger King #2 combo or my WIFI going down. I WILL NOT tolerate any adult messing with my kids period. 

  • You sir, are an IDIOT. Should the day come,You have painted a target on yourself as surely as if you went out and bought clothes depicting same.

    Oh,Wait, You Did,....

    Is this Really where and when you want to plant your I'm Gay , so let's  bring other Peoples Children into Your Fight???You can Flame All you want, be as Gaytastic, as You can, Ask;AND Tell, But I'm thinking maybe you'd be Better off Leaving  Those Kids Alone. No Disrespect to Pink Floyd Intended.

  • What a disgraceful unhuman being.  Fire him now.  Let kids be kids!

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