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  • The sad reality is that some so-called Republicans wanted then left on the IntelCommittee, Even after all the lies  and partisian politics. 

  •   The Democrats had no problem rejecting Conservative minded Republicans from key committees that would have benefited our country rather then destroying it  


  • About time. Happy that the good R's who fought his leadership until his hands were successfully tied in the back and he was out-and-out threatened with humiliation and a pitchfork--- if he didn't begin standing up for America.

  • We need ALOT more of this! I'm mildly impressed! 

  • FOLLOW THE MONEY TRAIL FOR THE CRIMES and POWER-!!! "It's All Playing Out in Front of Our Eyes" Russell Means, Inspired-OCT12, 2021

  • Yes, "cautiously optomistic" is the best bet; I am still waiting for him to de-throne the mush-head, omar.

  • Finally competence takes the lead!

  • I hope Mitch McConnell is taking notes on how to be a leader and not a puppet 

    • We can only hope the good people of Kentucky send him home or he decides not to run again either way he needs to go

  • Keep your stand against all the puppets that work for the establishment at the taxtpayers dollars.

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