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  • "Schif-less" and the entire democommie party always employ the "CYA" routine, but I believe the time has come and that routine no longer works for them; they just don't know it yet.

    • Let's pray you're correct and the leadership in Congress finally realizes that the Marxists mean to destroy America ... too, fundamentally transform it into another failed socialist state... which is not good for anyone... including the mega capitalist whose businesses and properties are at risk of forfeiture.

      It does no one any good to observe the world's greatest capitalist state be torn apart by an asymmetrical invasion of Marxist opportunists and third-world indigents... Looking to strip the wealth of former generations from their rightful heirs and owners.

  • "FEAR" 2024    'put FEAR back into All Politicians'

  • Done right!

  • Sadly, empty rhetoric and slaps on the wrist will not save our Republic...  Our Constitutional Republic is under assault by those looking to fundamentally transform it into another failed socialist state. We must stop the pretentious political Theater productions in Congress... it serves no one to banter about the unethical and criminal conduct of some of its members.... expel them... Don't pin a note on their shirt and make them stand in the corner.

    It is time to refer members of the House like Schiff and Swalwell for 'censure' and 'expulsion'.  Rep Paul Gosar Republican from Arizona was censured for publishing an animated video containing political satire...  Rep. Schiff and Swalwell went much further than satire. and should be expelled .... but if the votes are not there to expel... Then formally 'censure' both and strip them of ALL their committee assignments, privileges, and seniority status.

    Sorry, but it is time to play hardball... Stop the phony civility ... The Marxists are not an opposition party, they are an internal insurrection force looking to overthrow our Constitutional republic. 

  • The sad reality is that some so-called Republicans wanted then left on the IntelCommittee, Even after all the lies  and partisian politics. 

    • Time for Speaker McCarthy and the House majority leader to discipline those Republicans who wanted them left on the intel committee. Identify such GOP members as questionable conservatives... and STRIP them of any consequential committee assignments... and certainly don't make them chairs of any House Committees... tf that doesn't get them on board with the GOP Team in the House. censure them internally... within the caucus.. strip them of all committee assignments and put them on notice that their status as a member of the GOP caucus and party is in jeopardy of being revoked.  We must demand loyalty and true conservative ethics and values in our party's members.  Loyalty should be so tight that the House Majority Whip need not count votes...

  •   The Democrats had no problem rejecting Conservative minded Republicans from key committees that would have benefited our country rather then destroying it  


    • The Democrats fear their party leadership... they vote in lockstep or find themselves hung out to dry...  The leadership in the DNC and Republican Party lack the ability and composure to maintain strict discipline over their troops... Working with Republicans is like herding goats... helter-skelter.  The GOP Lacks discipline and strong moral leadership that is capable of inspiring loyalty and unity.  Men like McConnell and Romney are hardly awe-inspiring disciplinarians.

  • About time. Happy that the good R's who fought his leadership until his hands were successfully tied in the back and he was out-and-out threatened with humiliation and a pitchfork--- if he didn't begin standing up for America.

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