House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said Thursday night his chamber will hold Alvin Bragg to account for an "unprecedented abuse of power," saying the Manhattan district attorney's unprecedented indictment of former President Donald Trump has "irreparably damaged our country."

House Republicans sent Bragg a letter last week demanding he answer questions about why he was pursuing criminal charges against the 45th president that were based on a seven-year-old financial transaction with porn actress Stormy Daniels and legal statutes that had expired.

Bragg declined to answer questions and his office Thursday informed Trump's lawyer Joe Tacopina that it had secured an indictment from a grand jury.

McCarthy immediately reacted to the news on Twitter, making clear Congress would not stand idly by on what Trump and his allies believe is an attempt to use the legal system to hijack the 2024 presidential, in which Trump is currently leading the GOP field by a wide margin.


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  • If Congress wants to exercise prosecutorial powers they need to... revoke the District of Columbia's local rule resolution and return the administration, Police, and Judicial powers in the District of Columbia to Congress, as originally dictated by the US Constitution.

    The Jurisdictional authority to investigate crime, arrest, indict, and try criminal activity in DC needs to be placed under the DIRECT authority of Congress... Such authority could then be used by Congress to conduct criminal investigations, indict and prosecute criminal conduct in the District of Columbia.  The bulk of the Federal Government is located in DC...  using the police and judicial powers over the District of Columbia Congress can POLICE and PROSECUTE the criminal conduct of the Deep State.  For example, the AG could be arrested, indicted, and tried for his criminal conduct.  The Director of the FBI could b arrested, indicted, and tried for sedition, obstruction of justice, and a host of other crimes.

    Congress can act to empower its agents to act where the DOJ and FBI will not... repeal 'local rule' in DC and return the administration of the District to Congress.

  • Military Tribunals under Lloyd Austin and obese Milley?  You're joking, right?

  • Of course Bragg declined to answer questions - it is a typical Marxist (formerly Democrat) response.  He has no basis for the indictment, but he is dishonest so he did it anyway.  The alleged hush-money paid to Daniels would be no more than a misdemeanor and the statutute of limitations would have run out on that 5 years ago. 

    What you want to bet, however, that Bragg will NEVER go before the House committee. 

    But let's put the blame were it should be - the voters of NY.  They elected this dishonest, disreputable crook!

  • These two prosecutors are racists , and the Republican need to set articles of Impeachment against joe. Even though the Senate will vote it down.

This reply was deleted.