• The Democrats lie, the Republicans believe it, the citizens pay for it! 


  • mcconnell is a TRAITOR on the payroll of the soros cabal of marxist/globalist billionaires and the morons in Kentucky just reelected him to a new 6 year term in 2020!!!!!  As long as he controls the gop caucus in the senate nothing will change if the gop manages to flip it in November!!!!!  mcconnell, like mccarthy is all bluster and bleat hiding a core of TRAITOR!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Sheepdog, AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN  AMEN!!!!!  He is also on the soros led marxist/globalist cabal of billionaires including bill deblasio, bill gates, mark zuckerberg, dorsey of twitter, and a few others!!!!!!!!!!


  • Because he and his Chi-comm wife are owned ,he answers to Obama 

    • We are being run by fools and crooks. The Trump voters saw this, the O'Biden voters refused to!

    • It is unbelievable how the media can manipulate people. Anyone with eyes in their head can see that President Donald J. Trump is the only honest politician who keeps his promises. Americans no longer expect a straight talking and law abiding politician with impeccible morals and ethics. Trump is quite obviously all that, and then some.

    • The Kenian is owned as well but has the loudest bark, reason for being the leader of the pack, in my opinion. McConnell is ignoring the fbi raid questions because he doesn't have the guts to address them. Poor politicians that have sold their souls to satan and no boby around to save them.

    • Or us. 

    • Arno;ld, he is afraid, he is complicit in TREASON!!!!!!!!!!!


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