• He needs to go! Take his wife back to China. 

  • The following video is very informative... providing timely Biblical structure to the present world situation.  For thoe interested in knowing what scripture teaches regarding our current situation and that which is about to happen... this video is a good source.

    Alive After the Fall

    Alive After the Fall
  • This video is excellent, We The People have the power, it's time to use it.

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    • This is all well and good with one exception... these are not the days of King George or our forefathers. The current rulers in Washington will not adhere to our rebuke and threats... Instead, they will respond by using the law and force of arms.  Issuing a petition for the redress of grievances and threatening to exercise our right to replace the current government is more than problematic.  Such a petition can only work where the People have the power to enforce their demands against a recalcitrant and despotic government. Our government will do what King George did.  They will muster law enforcement and the military to reign in the dissident... rebels.

      We all know and understand that EO's are not law.... that such edicts from the President are unlawful restraints on our liberty.  However, EO's have the force of arms and the willing compliance of large numbers of the public, local government, employers, and merchants.  Thus, the EO's and policies of this President carry the effective weight of law with them. The local government is willing to arrest us, employers will terminate our jobs, and merchants will deny us access to the food and necessities of life if we fail to adhere to the Government's demands. We have only one choice; comply or remove the government by FORCE.  Rest assured, the Marxists and Globalists will not relinquish control of the government voluntarily.

      Once we resort to force of arms or significant acts of resistance… expect the government to label us criminals, domestic terrorists, and insurrectionists.  Anticipate the government mobilizing the full weight of the US Military and law enforcement against any attempt to terminate their power and seats of government.  The assertion of our rights against tyrants is workable only when the people have the necessary power and will to enforce their demands... frankly, we do not have either at this time.

    • Ron, I agree with the exception that We the People have already been labeled criminals, domestic terrorists, and insurrectionists just for voicing opposition to tyranny.  I believe the only choice left to us is armed rebellion.  It remains to be seen how many police and military people will follow the illegal orders of the despots.


  • IF Pelosi's laptop is ever fully exposed and it's revealed that McConnell was involved in the J6 riots, that's overthrowing a duly elected President Trump then Turtle has already committed treason. 

    • mcconnell has been committing TREASON for decades!!!!!


  • Isn't his father in law some hot shot back in China ?


    • Yes, a big wheel in the chinese communist party!!!!!


    • Yup............Owned.


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