• Nothing like NOT defending America. RAT.


  • A Drivers License is now 'REAL ID'...proof of Citizenship... All those getting a 'Real ID' Driver's license are REQUIRED to produce evidence of US citizenship...

    Is the Speaker unaware of the real ID requirements for a US Driver's License..  if not, what is he thinking?  Enforce the REAL ID driver's License program and refuse to register individuals to vote who can't prove US citizenship.

  • Guess Mike Johnson never heard the expression "Trust, but verify!"

  • we don't have the luxury of being "low-T GOP", we're literally in a fight for the Republic.

    Commies are in full-on revolution mode and we need people that will fight and fight dirty.

    I'm with most of the people commenting below; I don't trust many of them.

  • I don't think Mikey is naive or anything like it. I think he's very smart and a good actor and I don't trust him At All.  Sincerely, Jean gleason

  • Get rid of the gutless, traitor.

  • Remove Johnson... he is not naive.  He is weak, vacillating, and a Globalist... He is not a conservative, is not on board with teh MAGA movement and its objectives... he must go.

    Better no GOP Speaker than a fraudulent conservative... get rid of him and let the cards fall as they may.

    • He needs to GET BACK to  LOUISIANA------IF THEY'LL HAVE HIM.  'gators love slightly rotten meat.

    • Sounds good to me

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