• Mike is correct. It is disgusting that the RNC isn't doing anything about the voter fraud. But why would they? They know that we support Republican candidates & the RNC no matter what and no matter how much we complain about their inaction on this important issue.

  • Ronna MacDaniel is Mitt Romney's neice.  They say birds of a feather flock together - looks like that just may be true.

  • Did anyone REALLY expect anything different with KING RINO Romney's daughter at the helm of the "party"?

  • The ONLY thing the RNC is interested in is siphoning a trainload of $100 bills from every Republican voter so they can piss it away on 7 figure salaries for themselves inside the Beltway while the rest of the country goes up the creek.

  • You are so correct sir!!!

  • They are all working together. Probably a few who try to do the right thing. Corruption thruout the whole system.

  • The RNC are nothing but spineless cowards Republicans and all they care is about money they don't care about you or the country.This people are politicians and that why they hate President Trump and his love for America is something that they are not allowed to have and deal with 

  • Yep Go along and get along. Don't rock the boat


  • Mike is exactly correct. God bless him for speaking out.

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