Ahead Of Trump Rally, Minneapolis Police Chief Announces Policy ...

If you’ve been tuned into the Minneapolis public safety scene, you know that for years, Reclaim the Block and other grassroots community groups have been asking the city to do one thing: stop investing in policing.

The council's been listening.

“I think we’ve had a vision for a while of wanting to see another kind of city response to those [911] calls,” says Council Member Steve Fletcher, whose Ward 3 covers parts of downtown.

Calls about mental health crises could be answered by mental health professionals. Calls about opioid abuse could be answered by addiction experts. Instead, both get cops, usually armed.

But it’s one thing to think that’s a good idea and another to get it done. The city has “struggled” to put any of these reforms in place in a substantial way, Fletcher says.

Then George Floyd was killed by Minneapolis police.

Now the council members are listening to a city that is wounded, angry, fed up with decades of violence disproportionately visited upon black and brown residents. Various private and public bodies – from First Avenue to Minneapolis Public Schools – have essentially cut ties with the police department. Council members are trying to figure out what their next move is.

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  • This whole debacle started when President Linden Johnson instituted the New Deal, this was the beginning of the disintegration of the Black family unit. When welfare said to women, go ahead you can have babies even if you arn't married and we will provide you with food, shelter and money. Then the womens movement followed up with "you don't need men/husbands you are a women, you can do everything on your own". This was the beginning of what we see in to many inner cities today. Inherent povety, lack of good education and single or broken homes. Black or white anyone living in these conditions starts out with one arm tied behind their backs. The Democrats have sung the song of fixing all these wrongs, but it's now been over 50 years and people are protesting the same things they are promised will be fixed every election cycle, but in the end has never gotten done. The Minneapolis officer was an arrogant rotten rogue cop, who should have been prosecuted long ago. Systemic corruption must be rooted out when it rears its ugly head anywhere. Dismantling the police won't make the problems of drug abuse, lousy schools, and lack of opportunities for self improvement go away, the only way to fix these problems is to elect new leaders who will actually make changes, not just say they will, but walk the walk.

    • As long as we have black people living in this country and the world we will ecounter racesism.


    • The right to FREE ASSOCIATION .. is a God-given right.   All individuals have the right to choose their friends, to decide where they will live, work and with whom they will associate.  This innate right is discriminatory by nature.  Hence, racial bias or discrimination has always been present and will always be present... it becomes a matter of social justice and the law to regulate how such rights will be used in society... what manner of discrimination will occur... as there will always be discrimination.

    • I didn't know till many years later that Lyndon Johnson had an express purpose in this: to destroy the Black family because he hated Black people, just like Margaret Sanger did. They were two of a kind racists, and it looks like they succeeded beyond their wildest, evil dreams.


    • I agree with you but sadly it's not happening in this country.

    • for all I know we will have people that are racist in the world, as long as we have black peeople living in this world we will encounter racist things in this country and the world it will never stop.


  • Reclaim the Block and other diverse grassroots community groups have been after Minneapolis to do one thing for decades: stop investing in policing and put more money into programs that stop crimes from happening in the first place – affordable housing, addiction counseling, violence prevention programs. However,  everywhere Communities have embraced programs to stop crime the opposite has resulted.

    The failed social programs of the Left have done nothing to improve the American condition... all across America, crime has increased, poverty expanded, drug addiction, school drop-out rates, and the disintegration of the single-parent family are the hallmarks of such misguided diversity programs.  The number of children born out of wedlock has exploded and with them violent crime. THE LEFTIST, the PRAGMATIST, and the Democrat Party would have us disband the Police, and hire more social workers. The Left's response to social decay and crime is to throw more money at the failed sociologist and leftist activists, so they can PANDER to the criminal element in the minority community.

    Trillions of welfare dollars have been poured into FAILED AND FAILING social programs... while crime continues to plague the minority population and our nation's communities. What's the left's response? Disband the only thing between chaos and civil order the Police.   The left is simply a cesspool of bankrupt ideas.  Diversity is the most recent delusional plan to bring social justice to America. Just how is it social justice to hire and promote the unqualified over the qualified... someone failed to check the calculus of that equation.  Diversity will only lead to more divisions between Americans, more racial tension, and mandated institutional bias.

    Something must change, but that something is not policing... America must demand that all of its citizens obey the law, restore our historic work ethic, and follow a few basic moral values that have sustained stable societies for centuries. It doesn't take rocket science or billions spent on social experimentation to know what works in society and what doesn't... Millennia of historic evidence support the conclusion that societies that respect the law, honor a two-parent family as its model for building community, discourage out of wedlock births, respect and reward all forms of work, practice self-restraint, and engage the Golden Rule, to love their neighbor as themselves... are stable, prosperous, and successful societies. Cultures that have low rates of crime and are blessed with peace, prosperity, good health, and long life abide by those basic precepts.

    The criteria for establishing and maintaining successful cultures is not complicated or hidden in a maze of complex programs. Societies that reward immoral conduct, fail to respect the law, promote self-gratification over service to others, and excuse criminal conduct, end up imploding. America is imploding and inviting the sociologists to engage in more social engineering while ignoring their penchant for failure ... is to commit social suicide. The so-called experts are in fact grievous frauds...

    If we want to save America from itself... it will not happen with the implementation of some diversity program.  Instead, America must return to the old standards for social discourse and government... too, the historical system of social engagement, that made America a Nation of Great power and wealth.. We must return to the tried and proven ways of our forefathers and their moral guideposts.. return unto GOD.  Until we abandon the lies of the unprincipled and the diverse programs of the leftist and pragmatist, this nation will continue to decline in stature among nations, and its people will suffer increased lawlessness and social destruction

  • Maybe get rid of the idol of "Diversity" in hiring, and hire on Merit, like it used to be, and see the contrast between idiocy and responsible. America's idols need to be cast down and righteousness with a Biblcal world view lifted up. And get rid of "Equity" also, lifting up someone who doesn't "have/do/know" as equal in ability to someone who DOES know and do well.

    I doubt if these behaviors would happen of police committing crimes and protecting criminal police officers if merit was the standard, not color of the year. Character really does matter. So does responsibility. Repentance helps a lot to keep oneself on a good road.

  • Replace police offices with Muslim patrols this country is in danger you'll be found guilty on every charge because you are Christian 

    • it will come to that end soon or later

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