Ahead Of Trump Rally, Minneapolis Police Chief Announces Policy ...

If you’ve been tuned into the Minneapolis public safety scene, you know that for years, Reclaim the Block and other grassroots community groups have been asking the city to do one thing: stop investing in policing.

The council's been listening.

“I think we’ve had a vision for a while of wanting to see another kind of city response to those [911] calls,” says Council Member Steve Fletcher, whose Ward 3 covers parts of downtown.

Calls about mental health crises could be answered by mental health professionals. Calls about opioid abuse could be answered by addiction experts. Instead, both get cops, usually armed.

But it’s one thing to think that’s a good idea and another to get it done. The city has “struggled” to put any of these reforms in place in a substantial way, Fletcher says.

Then George Floyd was killed by Minneapolis police.

Now the council members are listening to a city that is wounded, angry, fed up with decades of violence disproportionately visited upon black and brown residents. Various private and public bodies – from First Avenue to Minneapolis Public Schools – have essentially cut ties with the police department. Council members are trying to figure out what their next move is.

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  • This ought to take care of any police problems. How stupid are these council members? Watch the fun begin AFTER the police are remloved...LOL

  • Trump will get the National Guard involved, and I'd like to see him put Mad Dog in charge of rioters

  • Many don't know this but he ULTIMATE STATE OF COMMUNISM... is a utopia without any government or a need for police. Under Marxism, people progress through various phases of development until they are willing to produce all they can and consume only what they need. This utopian ideology has failed wherever it has been tired... the concept is not new, it is old and a proven failure

    .However, the modern-day socialist believe that all of the former attempts to institute Communism or Socialism failed because they were to permisive... not properly instituted or defended.  Thus, making the new forms of Communism, even more apocalyptic and horrifying. Mass murder and the need for constant purges of the proletariat are a necessary evil as the Marxist strtive to create the perfect socialist, but are never quite able to find one... alive that is...

  • Sure; let the street thugs rule.

  • The cops should just quit for 90 days or less then the cities will be begging for the police to come back!!

    • That just might work.


  • They will just give the tax money to Cair and people of Minnesota will feel the heat

    • You got that right. God help us.


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