• Sue the hell out of her.

  • Facts are often mere inconveniences to be denied by the left... the GOP is inept and apparently complicit with such crap... It was Whites who overwhelmingly passed the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the many government programs that were meant to redress civil rights issues in America.  It was and is Whites who continue to promote civil rights for all races, not just the dominant minority.  Maybe it's time to stop such reverse discrimination... and to end all government programs that promote race.... any race over another?

  • Too powerful to be sued--doubt it 

  • First, they don't care if they are sued... they will not suffer personal financial loss... they either have liability insurance or their employment contract holds them harmless.  In addition, the funds for defense and settlement are coming from sources like  Soros who gets his money from government sources... grants, and other venues ... that can be cleverly manipulated to fund the settlements.

    • It is amazing that good, decent, and honorable people,truly do not understand how abject fear can quickly modify both behavior and attitude  advanced by arrogance, vanity, and self importance. This woman, along with people like Soros, are in dire need of it. Fear works wonders when applied, and sometimes just a small dose is adequate. 

      The important part of Fear is to let the recipient know and understand for certain that consequence is assuredly coming if the needed change is not.

      All the money in the world cannot stop it, so the sources of trust are without merit.  It can be applied, and must be applied if civility and order are to be maintained.

      I noticed that the Black Panthers gang has publicly put  America on notice that if the Arbary trial doesn't end like they want, then there will be hell to pay.  They proclaim this on national TV, and armed as well, in the attempt to intimidate, and not one single thing is done to prevent them from carrying out their goals.  Nothing.  They have no fear, period.

      Why is that?  No wonder good people are under assault.  Evil runs rampant while decency hides behind locked doors.


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