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  • these sicko's, Raffensperger gain streagth from corrupt judges tat are on board. Georgia already staged a fraudulent hearing where the "unintelligently" used a "laches argument, proposing some mystical unknown law exist that make it where yoiu can not be heard and reach an impartial jury.... I can't find the words for how overtly corrupt that day in court to deny a meaningful day in court was. Latches os like statutes of limitations where an issue has no statute of limitations. Here, they changed the claims to what they wanted them to be then addeds that a issue should have been brought at a specifc time. Because latches are 99% of the time applied to cases with decades ago facts, its applied because the defendant can't be expected to reconstruct a defense with erroded memories... here its as always, our lawyers lie to us and ram it down our throat and also its done by ambush.  HERE, FEDERAL LAW IS A MANDATORY .008 ERROR RATE. Raffensperger deals with a fight with video of fake votes, allowed, as in Arizona, the alleged secure area be left wide open and as AZ ballots destroyed and local law enforcemen aid this.  all across the land the voting stopped for various lies, eye witnesses saw fake votes being brought in with no chain of custody and crazily, this long to present because of corrupt media that those votes don't represent a real person. Raffinsperger certified this election as part of a scheme, the law of error rate was in his face and he done it anyway, now he spits out (the blog) a ton of more lies.

  • Total complete asshole!!! The only outcome is when you are in jail!!!

  • Wasn't that photo ID call after both elections were tainted?

    • No. it existed, in a closed door conspiracy they decided how by using the virus allowed them to do all these things to allow people to vote due to the virus, so, that was the plan, laws were broken and was intended to be broken and the election fixed, the proof will never have a place in the Ga legialature as long as those who committed crime, as Raffensperger and the other manager, are protected by an Attorney General that should be indicting them instaed of ignoring facts that can not be disputed, but ignored with all these new issues engiuneered just prior to a hearing. I know, I was appointed by one of the last honest federal judges to aid the innocent illiterate to get out of jail and go home to thir families. I hjave filed over 40 sucessful appeals in the 2ed highest court, who isn't easy to win in to start with. But like here, huge crime is ignored by our limited in integrity high court judges, so the "AG's" and low integrity persons like Raffensburger know that once again they will not be facing the relevant facts because the hearings are staged and the appearence in an ambush to make the opposing lawyer as that lawyer that has a loophole that lets the child murdering rapiest to walk free (a parody, but not really) we quickly forget as we saw old guy taking large stacks of presorted trump votes and placing them into the Biden stack, and the suit cases, and they, SOS makes up lies that the observers chose not to be there (then they can't count) and the double and triple scanning, they ignor and gaslight the facts.. worse, we have a look intoi what the lawyer politicians has done to our courts, every case is easily "obstructed" to be what the powers that be want it to be. I know, more than once I have been followed around and arrested to just win in court, catch perjury byy the government and everyone in government was involved in that perjury, s that crime is only applicable to those the corrupt target.



    • Sounds like you want to make some good legal points ... BUT reading your posts is painful!!! Long, long sentences, no paragraphs ... ugh. I have legal background ... I wanted to get what you posted, but after a bit of struggle, I gave up. Please fix your writing ... I'm interested in what you have to say.

  • THE PEOPLE OF GEORGIA JUST DON'T CARE- THEY WILL BE SO MISS IMFORMED and WON'T FIND OUT FOR THEM SELFS-!!! just follow the heard- Thank GOD I #'WALKED AWAY' from Democrats in 1992-!!!

    • now you need to show up and create a real militia one that files petitions in large groups and not making their unity be destroyed by a bunch of people showing up with torches and pitchforks, but a organized (as the 2ed amendment makes a point that "a well organized" milita to secure a free state. When we deal with a government gone bad, its not all of them (axcept our current US congress) a militia deals as an obsticle to end bad judges as Georgia has many, and GBI, a real mafia replacement, Georgia investigations worked to obstruct justice to fix this election. Its the people and there are too many afrom-americans misleading the most of them, its driven by hate and not facts. it appears the afro-=Americans are allowing themselves to be potrayed as can't read don't have intelligece enough to ge an ID or use a copy machine, yeap, they are the core of all this that is going on in DC, meaning that dumb they are not of requisit intelligence to make an informed decisoon, (as olden days when people took retarded people hands and guided them signing away things to those who wanted whatever, without compensation. meaning these to dumb to apply for an ID or find a place to vote, still must be able to wonder ito a voting location anywhere and say they are whoever they want to say they are or whoever they want to be, and vote then drive down the road to another abnd do it again and again and again. who is in our Congress and senate many are there via from voter fraud. 


    • Albert ... please see my comments above.

  • The Georgia SoS talks like one full of piss and vinegar.  After a legitimate trial, everyone will have proof that the election was a criminal lie foisted off on the American people and the SoS is actually full of Sh1t.

    • a full blown traitor deserving of a gas-chamber or life in prison. Only the truth should be able to save him from those to appropriate punishments. (hopwever, now days the only ones getting such punishment is the innocent that oppose the fraudulent and corrupt election debacle.


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