In this season of the latter rain, let it pour O'Lord... Let not Prayer become a work of labor in the flesh... Instead, let the Spirit move freely among the congregation of the Lord in praise and worship... in supplication and intercession...  In Prayer.
For Thy House O' Lord shall be called the House of Prayer... Let every man, woman, and child come before the Lord in prayer... that the will of the Lord may serve the needy and uplift the downtrodden... In prayer, we find strength and the courage necessary to face the adversary in the field... in our homes, and in government. A family that prays together stays together.  A Nation that Prays has hope at its helm and faith in its sails.

God's children are an army of prayer warriors... they set loose His Spirit to do His will in the earth... they turn the heads of state to embrace Godly Order... Governments can not serve the will of God or God's Children without prayer. Yeah, let the mountains echo with the sound of prayer, that the halls of government may rule according to God's will. Let the Prayer warriors set a  watch over God's fields and set God's enemies a flight, at first sight

Examine now thy purpose O' Man... will ye serve God or Mammon... for with silence the wicked covertly seek to subvert God's Kingdom... too, quell the prayer of His House and in the lives of His Children. Know that I seek a people who pray without ceasing... in season and out, in times of trouble and during periods of -joy... when sowing and when reaping, in the rainy season and the dry places... LET YOUR PRAYERS BE A CONSTANT channel of communication with Me saith, the Lord of the Sabbath.

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  • And so it is ... that the silence of man in the face of adversity... speaks loudly of man's failure to engage God's primary weapon of the Spirit... Prayer. 

    Prayer is mankind and the Spirit's most powerful weapon...  Abraham prayed and God gave him an heir,  Joshuah and all of Israel prayed and the walls of Jerico fell, Ezra prayed, repented, and all of Israel returned unto God... America's Christians can do the same... IF THEY WILL TOO, DO SO....


  • Now is the time for prayer... before the shipwreck....

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